The idea of the launch

Vancouver Community Forums
Creating Conversation

Notes: Meeting, Monday, September 4, 2006 at 10:00 am
with Roger Chilton and Gail Brown

Event:  Beginning the Conversation
Host:   Downtown Vancouver Association
Venue: Centre A, the Vancouver International Centre for Contemporary Art
Date:    October 9, 10, or 11

Time:   7.00 PM to 10.00PM

Event Interest:

  • To introduce invited people to the idea of Vancouver Community Forums and its affiliates, Vancouver Arts Forum and Think Vancouver
  • Vancouver Community Forums is about creating conversation.
  • Guests will be invited to ask questions and offer suggestions.
  • Guests will also be invited to suggest ideas for upcoming Vancouver Community Forums events
  • Guests will be encouraged to continue the conversation after the event
  • The invitations to the event will encourage guests to explore the web site for the story so they can come prepared with questions and suggestions

DVA Interest

  • To move the DVA into a new chapter, increase interest in DVA membership, and increase community participation, contribution and cooperation in creating a community that works

Event Design

  • A selected invitation list of approx. 300 current, previous and prospective DVA members, representatives of communities of interest, influential decision-makers, community groups, educational institutions, major community-minded corporations, and others who could benefit from or contribute to the idea
  • Target for and set a maximum attendance of 150 – 200 people
  • The event will be produced on a cost-recovery basis with a fee set accordingly.
  • The opportunity to engage in conversations will be fluid and semi-structured around a series of five gathering places equipped with computers, projectors and screens.
  • Each conversation gathering place will have a moderator who will act as presenter and encourage conversation and ideas.
  • Participants will have the opportunity to move about the space and engage in conversations at the other conversation centres, and engage in conversations among themselves.
  • Live music will provide a background of entertainment to enhance the highly social aspect of the forum.
  • The backdrop for the event is the Centre A exhibition that will be on at the time, – “Promise of Solitude” an exhibition of work by artist Ed Pien
  • Light refreshments will be available and a cash bar offering wine and beer, tea and coffee,

Moderator for the evening:     Roger Chilton

Conversation Moderators:      To be determined

Music: A three or four-piece student string ensemble from SFU or UBC’s music departments

Consider alternate music ensembles in conversations with SFU and UBC

Catering:        First choice – The Portland Hotel

Could also include Brian Mulvihill, World Tea Party

Moderators:     Highly skilled people who may or may not be current members of DVA and who are committed to the sound development of our community e.g.  Ray Spaxman, Gordon Price, Philip Owen,

Invitation:       To be distributed electronically week of Sept. 25th

Media:             Develop list of columnists who represent a variety of community interests:

Eg:  Emily Jubb at the Courier is also a DVA member; Gary Mason, Globe and Mail; Pete McMartin, The Sun; others from The Straight, community newspapers, David Beers. the new arts editor for the Sun etc.

To Do List:


  • Get floor plan; name of contact person at the Portland Hotel regarding catering for the event.
  • If Centre A is available, confirm details, get floor plan, contact name for Portland Hotel etc. with Gail at the opening of “Promise of Solitude”, Fri. Sept. 8th
  • By end of week – first piece on DVA website about the event
  • By end of week – call to current DVA members to renew
  • By end of second week in Sept. – invitation to selected individuals to join DVA in advance of the coming season
  • Draft text for the invitation
  • Forward text for communications to Gail, – the DVA story draft and the membership category list, doorway stories, etc


  • Prepare event development plan and activities list
  • Contact SFU and UBC music departments re possible music ensembles for the event and fees
  • Contact person at the Portland Hotel when provided for menu options and costs
  • Begin development of the media invitation list
  • Develop the DVA story and event story further as noted above
  • Research fee schedules for writing and editing of reports, doorway stories, and pieces for Vancouver Community Forums, Think Vancouver and Vancouver Arts Forum with opportunities available to professional, amateur and student writers

The web site

Further to our conversation at the Board Meeting today you can access the web site and view its current state of development at

If you click on Forums you will find your name in the list of participants. You can log in using your name as it is written in the list and use dvaboard as the password. Occasionally it is sticky and may need to try a second time. When you are logged in a Forum called ‘A Private conversation with the Board’ will appear. This is only visible and available to Board members. In it you will find an update report and some overview information about the proposed celebration and launch event on Oct 10 with a preliminary budget.

The Executive is meeting next Wednesday morning to make some executive decisions and your questions, ideas and opinions will help.

If you want to change your profile or add information, particularly I your introduction, click on Profile when you are logged in. When you change anything, a confirmation email will be sent to your email address which will require activation to allow you access again.

If you have questions or difficulties you can email me at – or call me at –

Thank you. Your feedback and input is appreciated

I think we can pull this off successfully and give ourselves some momentum.

Report on the Launch

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Vancouver Arts Forum
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