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The Downtown Vancouver Association
59 Years of Making the City our Business

The Downtown Vancouver Association is a 59-year-old advocacy group that seeks to promote the downtown as the focus of urban and economic activities in the Lower Mainland, and the Province of British Columbia. Our Mission Statement commits to enhancing the economic, commercial and social welfare of Downtown Vancouver.

To study and advance any project, plan, or improvement designed to benefit the City as a whole, and downtown Vancouver in particular.

To provide co-operation and aid to individuals or groups in projects designed to benefit the City and the downtown.

To regularly communicate to the public and government officials issues concerning the City’s health, and to commit to action on all matters that benefit the City and the downtown.

How Do We Do Our Work?

As our downtown is an active and varied place, so too are the committees of the Downtown Vancouver Association. The following are committees of the Downtown Vancouver Association that propel our voice and influence:

  • The Transportation Committee
  • The Urban Planning Committee
  • The Community Issues Committee
  • The Arts and Culture Committee

In addition to our monthly board meetings and our annual Mayor’s Downtown Luncheon Address, the Downtown Vancouver Association hosts monthly networking breakfasts that feature expert speakers on issues that concern and interest the downtown.

We are a responsive association and so are often involved in ad hoc groups brought together by common and immediate concerns. Since 1945 the Downtown Vancouver Association has been active in promoting and protecting the best environment for downtown, as issues arise in the core and beyond, or are brought forth through our board initiatives and our active committees.

The Downtown Vancouver Association is a membership driven association that allows you to be as involved as you want to be. Whether your interests lie in civic matters, a specific issue, or our benefits plan and group insurance, there are many reasons to join the Downtown Vancouver Association

I think our Community Engagement Committee is about engaging community interest, – in becoming more informed and involved in our community, – in creating community, – and in contributing to our community interests. It is a community leadership role, – not a community management role. Who better to play a community leadership role than our community leaders? A thought for articulating the interests of our enterprise and the interests our enterprise serves.

The City is Our Business.