Downtown Eastside Community Arts Network

As a member of the Board of the Community Arts Council of Vancouver, I took an interest in and participated in meetings of a group of volunteers interested in creating a Downtown Eastside Community Arts Network. I saw that a communication centre would be required to keep everyone informed and give everyone interested and involved the ability to participate, benefit from, and contribute to creating the communication centre for the community.

After volunteering to head up the Communications “cluster” for more than a year, which was how the group was organizing activities at the time, I eventually got approval and called a meeting to launch a website for what was referred to as the Downtown Eastside CAN. I had registered on behalf of the group more than a year earlier to ensure it would be available.

I called the first meeting of the communications group on May 2nd, 2007, and on May 8th presented the Downtown Eastside Community Arts Network communication centre as an idea for creative conversation and contribution to the email addresses collected from the people organizing the Community Arts Network on May 8th, 2007.

The Idea
The Invitation
The Story

Although the invitation prompted replies from most of the email addresses the site was taken off-line at the request of the organizers at the next meeting of the Communications cluster.

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