From us and them to we

If we are going to accelerate our ability to create possibilities we have to move from “What they are doing” and “What we need to do” and “What we want people to do”, and “What we are doing”, and what they could do” to “What we could do” and “How we could do things” and “What we could contribute” – and from “us and them” to “we”

Our heroic myth and our heroic stories are founded on the idea of us and them.

We will always be us and them as long as we have different interests, ideas and experiences.
Our opportunity is to re-imagine us and them.
The difference between us and them is the way we see things, – our point of view.
We create connections where we have common interests, ideas, and experiences.
We is defined by common interests, common ideas, and common experiences.
We is created by our common human interests, – our community of humanity.

We who are contributing to creating quantum media agree on how we behave and hold one another accountable for our behaviour so we can create relationships and creative enterprise with one another. We are part of our community of common human interests contributing to our common human interests. Our interest and intent is to operate beyond integrity around our common human interests.

We are a community of different interests, cultures, circumstances. experience, abilities, and points of view contributing to each others enterprise and to opportunities to create with one another around common and complementary interests.


The difficulty of creating connections across different ideas, feelings, and assumptions we have about us and them from the management training program I created and conducted for the Tahsis Forest Products Company

What we could do

Move from language and ideas that contribute to creating us and them to language and ideas that contribute to creating we. Begin with the language. The behaviour will follow. Begin with the feeling, the language will follow.

Who we are