The power of choice

From empowerment to the power of choice. Learning we have a choice, and making a choice about what we want to do and how we want to be and who we want to become, and being able to see choices, and being able to create a turning point for ourselves in our creative journey in pursuit of creative possibilities and our creative experience is how we empower ourselves, – and how we contribute to creating freedom of choice for others.

If I have a freedom of choice, everyone else has the freedom of choice. My choice about what works for me does not include forcing my choice on others or making the same choices as others. We all have in interest in learning how to make good choices, – choices that contribute to our interests and to the interests we are pursuing.

Having the power of choice makes me unmanageable,  unteachable, and unemployable. If I am unmanageable and unteachable, and unemployable it is reasonable to expect there are others with the same consciousness or knowledge. What do we want to do if that is a possibility about how things are? What could that mean?  How could it contribute to our interests and to our ability to create possibilities? What do we care about?

What could contribute to our interests and the interests we are pursuing. What choices will increase our possibilities of increasing our contribution. Who could be interested in pursuing opportunities and opportunities and ideas that could.

What could we care about? What would we like to do? What can we do?