From revolution to evolution

We have the opportunity to move from the social media revolution to the community media evolution.

Revolutions start as protests against ideas and behaviours.  Protests against ideas and behaviours take a lot of time and energy. Are we protesting the yoke of some institution, or behaviour, or exercise of power, or unfairness?  Are we protesting our way of doing things. And does it matter? The revolution is simply telling us it is not working for us in our common human interests and our sense of fairness, a common human quality.

Revolutions often start as protests against the status-quo. Protests draw our attention to an issue of concern. Are we protesting the yoke of an institution, government, or corporate practices? Are we angry about an unfair exercise of power or an injustice? Are we protesting our way of doing things. Protesters marching with banners are telling us what’s not working, something that goes against our sense of fairness. Protests raise awareness.

Protests take a lot of human energy, animosity, and destructive force to tear down old ideas and social norms. While it is important to point out what’s wrong with the world, this energy could be better invested. What if this energy was used for constructive purposes instead?


We have the opportunity to create community. We have the opportunity to evolve to make community possible. We are evolving in our way of seeing and doing things. We could evolve more rapidly by focusing our attention and our creative energy and creative resources on creating community around opportunities for creative community enterprise that contribute to our creative and cultural evolution and to our evolution as a community of people creating possibilities for our future together.