Vancouver Community Forums

In 2006, after 60 years of service to the city, the Downtown Vancouver Association was about to close its doors. The role of the Association over the years had been to identify opportunities and create conversation around ideas that would contribute to improving the vitality of Downtown Vancouver. I had served on the Board for a number of years and offered to act as interim Executive Director to keep the organization going.

Over the years, the Association had contributed to creating the Downtown Parking Authority, the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association, and Tourism Vancouver, and had influenced the thinking and decision-making of elected and appointed officials in the City of Vancouver, in Metro Vancouver, and in the British Columbia Government.

The idea for Vancouver Community Forums was introduced on November 8, 2006, at Centre A, the Vancouver International Centre for Contemporary Asian Arts, to celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of the Downtown Vancouver Association.

The idea was to create an online communication centre to give community leaders and contributors the ability to learn about and contribute to conversations about the future of Vancouver.

Vancouver Community Forums
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