Theatre of Fire

exciting our creative energy

Theatre of Fire tells stories of how fire has contributed to our human journey and to creating our world so far and imagines a turning point in our relationship with fire in our creative journey, exciting the exploration of new creative experiences, new creative expression, new creative enterprise, and new creative energy around possibilities and ideas about what we could do to create a new world for our future.

Our common enterprise, interests, and contribution as communities creating Theatre of Fire performances is to excite our creative energy and new ideas and new ways of seeing and doing things to create an environment for our future so we can  create a future for our environment.

Theatre of Fire invites us to explore the story of where we are and what we could do at this turning point in the evolution of our world and in our creative journey around our use of energy and our use of our creative energy to create a new world , – a creative enterprise which contributes to creating our culture, our systems, and our way of seeing and doing things to create new possibilities for our future