Great Work!

An overview of contemporary British Columbia artists

greatwork!This book was driven by respect for the art-making community in British Columbia and the general public who may not be aware of the level of excellence which is being produced here. It is intended to be an overview, a representation of methods, materials, and makers.

The wealth of talent within the borders of British Columbia is vast. This book begins to cover the southwestern region of the province and a few points beyond, and highlights some of the art-makers and craftspeople who lend their creativity and vision to enriching our lives. It is the first in a series which, in its entirety, will speak to the province’s geographic and conceptual breadth.

Over twenty years of working with artists has not made me all-knowing. In compiling this book I have had the pleasure of discovering who and what I did not know. This is precisely the journey I hope you, the reader, will embark upon. By viewing these images and reading the brief statements by the artists on “Why they do what they do”, I hope that you, as I have, find the variety of inspirations which allow these people to make art, of themselves, inspiring, worthy of acknowledgement, encouragement, and support.

Great Work! is about these artists. For these artists to effect this, the book was compiled in collaboration. That is, curatorial selection of images was given to each maker. The only criteria for selection were that the work chosen be current and show the direction the artist is taking at this time. In a like manner, the only descriptive text is written by the artists, allowing them the opportunity to communicate their intention without editorial intervention.

With admiration and respect as the motivating factors, and broader recognition for the artist the intended result, I thank each of these wonderful people who, quite simply, made this book.

Melanie Gold
from  Great Work!

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