The Art of Possibilities

exploring the creative hypothesis

A scientific hypothesis is an idea about how things are that we set out to demonstrate. A creative hypothesis is an idea about how things could be that we set out to create.

If we imagined we could create community around our common interests and interests we have in common, what would contribute to creating how we imagine things could be? What ideas and activities could contribute to creating the possibilities we imagine? What ideas and behaviour could militate against our creative interests?

If we explore the idea of a creative hypothesis as a way to focus our attention, our intention, and our energy on creating with our experience, we will also focus our attention on scientific hypothesis exploring ideas about how things work and how we work and what could work which could contribute to improving our ability to create with our experience. is a creative hypothesis. A creative hypothesis, an imagined possibility of what could be, is at the heart of our creative enterprise, our creative evolution, and our creative experience of life.

Questions for conversation

Now we know we can create anything, what would we like to create?

Creative community activities

Explore our overarching interests as a community. An opportunity for creative exploration, for creative contribution, for creative conversation, and for focusing our creative interests.

What ideas and opportunities for creative community enterprise could contribute to our creative interests?