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Joni Mar, an executive coach in Vancouver, has a living room full of bras going off to Africa. She and her daughter are going to Africa this summer on a mission she and her daughter began just over a month ago. The conversation about how women in Africa without underwear are seen as ‘lesser citizens’, where having underwear raises a woman’s status in the eyes of her community and makes them less likely to be victims of abuse, led to the idea of contributing to creating better possibilities for women in Africa by creating opportunities for women to contribute as a caring community.

Bras with a Mission began with her daughter contributing 6 bras, then her friends, then Joni’s friends, and then to her colleagues in the coaching community across Canada. Joni made a presentation to the Vancouver Chapter of the International Coach Federation and several women contributed hundreds of bras each to the growing pile in her living room.

Bras with a Mission needs sponsorship to get bra shipments to Africa and suitcases or containers to ship them in. Bras number in the thousands – and they keep coming in by the hundreds, – and there seems to be no stop to the flow.

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Source: Gillian Livingstone, Globe and Mail, September 13, 2013

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