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In 2010, On the Boards theater launched OntheBoards.tv, a website that delivers full-length, high quality contemporary performance films to your TV, desktop or mobile device. We are one of the first contemporary performance organizations to begin filming works by top caliber artists with multiple high-definition cameras, collaboratively editing the films with the artists, and delivering feature-length performance films to audiences around the globe. Fans of contemporary performance have better access to artists they want to see regardless of where they live and their busy schedules, at affordable prices.


Now in 2014, we have launched 32 performance films, with seven more on the way, by 30 different artists representing the Pacific Northwest, New York, Australia, Germany, France, Poland, Mexico, Argentina, Chile and Belgium. We have filmed performances in our Seattle home at On the Boards theater, in Portland with Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, in Austin with the Fusebox Festival and in New York with Performance Space 122.


On the Boards theater is located in Seattle, WA. Founded by artists in 1978, we work to introduce audiences to artistic innovators who are defining the future of dance, theater and music whether on our stage in Seattle or on the global screen. We believe OntheBoards.tv will help encourage people to go see live performances and participate in the ongoing dialogue about exciting new art, technology and ideas.


How we do it


After selecting a performance to add to our growing catalogue, we work closely with a professional film company, the hosting venue and the artists to plan the details of each shoot. Our filming partners have been Thinklab, Inc and Breathing Media, Inc, and we have consistently worked with Sumosound for our professional sound design for each shoot. We capture each performance during a live run of the show with four to five high definition cameras that sit amongst the audience. After filming, the piece is edited by the film company, which works closely with the artist to determine specific edits that best represent the artist’s live performance. Once finalized, the film goes up on our website, along with additional features and extras that help viewers get a better picture of the artist, the particular work, and what live audiences thought of the piece during the run of the show. Each time someone purchases and views the performance film from OntheBoards.tv, the artists and partner organizations share the profits, offering not only a new method for reaching new audiences but an additional revenue stream. Occasionally, rather than filming a performance, we find existing titles that meet our standard for quality and add those to our catalogue as well.




OntheBoards.tv provides access to works by the leading voices from the field of contemporary performance, some of which will never be performed again. With our revenue sharing model, participating OntheBoards.tv artists get 50% each time someone purchases their performance film. For arts enthusiasts, the traditional barriers for viewing contemporary performance are no longer holding you back – watch at any time, from any place for as low as $5.




OntheBoards.tv has reached audiences in all 50 U.S. states and over 131 countries in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia. Our subscribers are comprised of avid arts fans, intrigued browsers, students and arts professionals. Over 65 higher education institutions in the US, Europe and Australia have purchased educational content for their campuses including Princeton, Yale, Ohio University, School of the Art Institute of Chicago and the University of Amsterdam. We have participated in 34 screenings of our films in venues across the US and Europe, such as the Prague Quadrennial (Czech Republic), Brooklyn Academy of Music (NYC), Oberlin Dance Center (San Francisco) and the PuSh Festival (Vancouver, BC).