Creating Mongolian Native Roots

Creating connections with our culture

Before leaving Mongolia Jack Weatherford and I outlined our imagination of a Mongolian Native Roots communication centre as a place to create connections and excite interest in opportunities to explore and experience the creative contributions of Mongolian culture.

We imagined Mongolian native Roots as a place where opportunities to experience the cultural heritage, contemporary arts, and creative contributions of Mongolia could be communicated, a place where the knowledge and ideas Mongolians contribute to our cultural, community, and resource development could be communicated and connected, and a place where creative connections, creative conversation, and ideas and opportunities for creative relationships and creative enterprise could be explored.

Exploring Mongolian culture

Opportunities to experience

Cultural heritage
Contemporary creative expression
Creative contributions

Opportunities to explore ideas

Relationships with the earth – environment
Relationships with one another – social
Relationships with our children – development

Opportunities to explore stories of contributors

Information – interests – ideas
What we do – how we contribute – what we contribute

Opportunities to contribute to creative interests

Cultural development
Community development
Resource development

The art of communication

Connect – contribute – excite interest
Common interests, ideas, experiences

The art of creating relationships

Conversation – contribution – cooperation
Common and complementary interests

The art of successful enterprise

Integrity – contribution – creativity
Interests served, involved, affected

With a Story

Something beautiful becomes rich
An idea becomes an enterprise
An enterprise becomes a community

Native Roots is a community media network creating opportunities for our native cultures to tell stories of their contributions to our creative and cultural development, – and for our community to explore for opportunities our native cultures are creating and contributing to our interests and our possibilities.

Creating connections with our native cultures is how we create understanding, and appreciation, and possibilities for creative community enterprise around our common interests.

Mongolian Native Roots went online on August 7, 2007.

Mongolian Native Roots