Music in our Schools

I think a livestream of interviews by students with musicians and conductors could go a long way to demonstrate what we can do and how we can create a livestream series to bring the exploration of the experience of music into our schools, – to increase our contribution and investment in exciting youth, – our leaders of tomorrow, – and our children, – our connections to the future, – in exploring the contribution of music to our creative experience, to our experience of community, and to our ability to create connections which contribute to our creative interests.

Music in Our Schools could be one of our most highly leveraged and most valued contributions to creating possibilities for our children and the future of our world, – an easy, open, and creative beginning to excite interest in our children and youth, wherever they are, in exploring the creative experience and exploring life as a creative experience.

Possible, – demonstrated evidence of significant contribution, – low investment, – large community of interest, – large community of understanding and appreciation for the power and contribution of music, – large community of benefit, – large opportunity for creative enterprises and creative contributors, – high contribution and return from creative resources, creative relationships, and creative investment, – and a distance learning experience accessible to everyone with access to our theatre of the new world.
If we, Canada and Canadians, want to be known as the creative music centre of the world it seems to me that our most highly leveraged opportunity and contribution could be to excite interest in exploring the experience, – and the power, – and the contribution of music, – to creating connections and community, – to exciting creative connections that contribute to changing the way we see, feel, and think about our experience, – to influencing the creative interests we pursue, – and to changing how we create with our experience, – whatever we choose to do and however we choose to do things.

Is there a case for creating more opportunities for our children and for exciting more of our children to explore the experience of music as musicians, singers, composers, song writers, performers, – as listeners, – as artists, – as creative contributors?

What is the case?

What do we know?
What don’t we know?
What do we need to know to explore the case?
What could we benefit from knowing?
Where are we?
What are we doing?
What is happening?
What could happen?
What would we like to have happen?
What can we do?

Is there a case for a creative conversation?

Music in our Schools
creating connections with music

The classroom just got bigger.
My point of view. What do you think?