Exploring the Creative Journey

our creative and cultural evolution

In our imagination lies possibilities. In our world lies challenge. In our consciousness lies our creative experience, and our creative enterprise, and our creative journey, – the art of creating possibilities.

Our evolution lies in imagining and creating possibilities with the energy we excite as we move forward in the exploration and pursuit of our creative enterprise, our creative story, and our creative journey, – and as we learn what contributes to creating the possibilities we imagine.

“Shambhala is a mythical utopia believed to be somewhere beyond the Himalayas, perhaps in Tibet or Mongolia. It is the lost city of our dreams, an ideal land where peace endures, a secret paradise where man lives in perfect harmony with his fellow man and his surroundings. It is the magical kingdom of childhood, often lost and yearned for in our adult years, yet rarely regained. But it is always there, just beyond the horizon.

Virtually every culture and religion has its stories of Shambhala. But the journey to the lost city is not physical; it is a journey of personal discovery. And because the source is ultimately within ourselves, the possibility of finding Shambhala exists for us all.”

We all have different imaginings of our creative journey.  Exploring the creative journey contributes to our appreciation for our experience of life, to creating our experience of life, and to creating possibilities for ourselves and for others.

Our creative journey is the pursuit of our creative enterprise. Our creative enterprise is the pursuit of creative contribution to our creative experience.

The Heroic Journey

The story of the heroic journey becomes the story for exploring the creative journey. Where are we? How did we get here? Where could we go? How could we get there?

In the creative journey we are always at a turning point as we observe, learn, and imagine possibilities and as new connections, new insights, new ideas, and new opportunities appear.

In the creative journey we are at our point of arrival. Our point of departure. Our experience of our world, our imagination of creative possibilities, and the opportunities created by our experience is our point of departure.

Where the creative journey will take us is uncertain. All we have is our creative experience in the moment. Our creative journey will continue with or without our conscious observation, our conscious appreciation, our conscious interest, our conscious enterprise, or our conscious contribution.

Casting ourselves in our creative journey

We are on our own. There is no certainty. We imagine how things are, who we are, and how we are. We imagine our world as we see it. As we have learned through our experience. We imagine ourselves in our world. We imagine how things could be.

We explore our experience and our imagination for ideas about how we could create possibilities for ourselves.

We explore our story about who we are, and how things are for ideas about how things could be and who we could be.

We explore our experience for ideas about what we could do and how we could be and create our story with what we choose to do and how we choose to do things.

We have company. We are all pursuing creative possibilities.

Creating community and the creative journey

We improve our ability to create possibilities for ourselves and our experience of life and our appreciation of our experience of life by operating beyond integrity.

Operating with integrity is being who we say we are and doing what we say we do. To ourselves. And to the communities we are part of and benefit from and contribute to creating our experience of life, to our creative enterprise and to our imagination of what we could do.

Operating beyond integrity is contributing to the interests of our community and to one another’s interests and to our common human interests and our ability to create possibilities for our future.

Empowerment and the creative journey

We create our experience and our experience creates us. We create with our experience. We don’t empower one another. We create connections for one another, consciously and unconsciously. We create connections for ourselves as we explore our conscious appreciation of our experience. We create connections with one another to create possibilities for ourselves.

Appreciation and the creative journey

The experience of appreciation, acceptance, and anticipation.


by Courtney Milne
from The Sacred Earth