Downtown Eastside Centre for the Arts

Giving the community the opportunity to contribute and benefit from the idea of creating opportunities for the artist in everyone and begin in one of the most creative communities in Canada with a diverse array of interests.

This communication centre is the primary resource and connection with the community for the Downtown Eastside Centre for the Arts. It has created connections with the community and this is what it contributed and created. It has also created a lot of interest. This is what it could create.

This is what I contributed to the relationship and what it has contributed to the enterprise.

Who is doing this? Who could be interested in doing this? Who could be interested in contributing to creating the possibilities?

It could be the community communication centre demonstrating the Downtown Eastside community is a centre for the arts creating opportunities for the artist in everyone to explore, experience, learn, and create.

It could be a place to communicate our interests in the arts, the opportunities we contribute to the artist in everyone, and our interests in creating opportunities for everyone in our community.

It could be a place where we can demonstrate how we can create community with art and how the arts create community.

It could be a place where we could explore our community resources, open spaces, creative places, creative contributors, community contributors, communities of interest, and our relationships with other communities for opportunities to increase the contribution of our community and creative resources with creative ideas and community enterprise

It could be where we excite ourselves with possibilities and ideas and opportunities for creative community enterprise and attract interest, contribution, relationships, and enterprise with other communities and other communities of interest.

It could create opportunities for everyone to explore, experience, contribute, and create connections, relationships, and creative enterprise, – and community was created with the resources of quantumideas and the creative contributions of Dalannah Bowen, Lisa Fox Valdes, Hanna Daber, and Judy Pigott.

Simon Fraser University Woodward’s Cultural Programs