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Youth Vote Rise a Warning to Politicians

The major increase in the number of young people who voted in the October 19, 2015 election should serve as a warning to politicians that they cannot ignore young Canadians, says a student association spokesperson.

The results of a survey released by Statistics Canada last week saw a boost of 11.5 per cent in voters 34 and under despite another 9.5 per cent saying they were hindered from voting by electoral rules.

68.5 per cent of Canada’s under-34 youth voted in the election, just ten per cent fewer than the next two age groups, who saw a combined eight per cent rise in voters. The smallest increase was among voters 65 and older who grew by one per cent.

from Youth Vote Rise a Warning to Politicians
Environment and anti-terror law among under-34 voters’ top priorities.
Jeremy J. Nuttall, The Tyee, March 3, 2016