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Northwest Dance Project is committed to taking dance beyond the traditional studio and theater environments. In addition to creating new dance works and the next generation of dance artists, Northwest Dance Project works with local community organizations to create an innovative variety of classes, workshops, informational opportunities and intimate performance experiences for disadvantaged, challenged, and at-risk youth called Dance Moves.

Launched during the Northwest Dance Project’s 2007 season, Dance Moves brings leading artists, teachers and mentors with years of professional dance experience and lengthy histories coaching and guiding young people to youth service settings to perform, demonstrate, engage and teach movement skills and creative exploration.

Dance Moves sessions take place at facilities such as hospitals, shelters, schools and youth service centers and are interactive, peer-to-peer based, and uniquely tailored to each session site for maximum benefit to those served. These experiences are valuable in helping to build confidence, self-awareness, and self-esteem, as well as creating new dance artists, enthusiasts and participants.

Northwest Dance Project

Northwest Dance Project’s Best of Now is all about collaboration
Janet Smith – Georgia Straight, March 4, 2014