Creative Conversation – Democracy

Our discussions ended last time with an agreement that our form of democracy was not functioning as one might hope. The question was whether there was a way of creating a community that wanted to examine alternatives or ways of improving our democratic processes so that our system worked for all.

Our conversation is a rehearsal. Our enterprise in our conversation is to explore how we could create a community around the enterprise of exploring the idea of democracy, exploring how we can create democracy in our communities, and exploring ideas that could contribute to improving our democratic systems of government.
Centre for Democracy

In exploring ideas and opportunities to create community around this common enterprise, we also want to explore the art of creative conversation.
Centre for Creative Conversation

And how we might create theatre of a new world on the stage of our theatre of a new world, the internet.
Theatre of a New World

And how we could excite the imagination, creative exploration, and creative contribution of our communities of creative enterprise, community enterprises, and our creative contributors, creative leaders, and creative entrepreneurs and contributions to creative conversation around opportunities for creative community enterprise and opportunities to connect and increase the size and contribution of our communities of common enterprise.
Our Creative Games

Our interests in our creative games are to advance our creative conversations, excite contributions from people and enterprises who could contribute to our ability to imagine and create possibilities, and to explore connections, ideas, and opportunities that could contribute to creating connections to increase the size and contribution of our communities of common enterprise.

I will begin the conversation with a few observations, a few ideas, and a few opportunities I see.

Connections between our conversation and the idea of democracy

In Jane Jacob’s exploration of the moral foundations of commerce and politics in Systems of Survival she creates a conversation among six characters as equals struggling to make sense of working life. Her choice was based on her belief that we need continual and informal explorations among people who must thread their way through government, business, volunteer, and grass roots policies or wrestle with moral and ethical puzzles that spring up to clarify right and wrong in business and politics.

Connections between our conversation and democratic systems of government

In Massive Change, Bruce Mau observes that most of the time we are blissfully unaware of the invisible systems that have evolved and within which we live our lives, and the intensely designed infrastructures that support them.

Our exploration of what works or doesn’t work in society begins with the premise that a civil society and the systems that contribute to a civil society, – a democratic society of equals, – sits on the idea that our interest is to do no harm, – or our intent is to do no harm.

Systems that contribute to creating a civil society are the beginning of our ability to create systems which contribute to creating better possibilities for the future of our society. As Bruce Mau observes, “Massive Change is not about the world of design. It is about the design of the world.”

Now We Can Do Anything, What Will We Do?
We Need to Create New Ideas

Creative Conversation – Democracy

Creating Democracy in our Communities