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Creating a sustainable future for our world

The Natural Step Canada
accelerating change together

The Natural Step has developed in Canada working predominantly one organization, one community, one individual at a time. It is clear, though, that working one organization at a time won’t accelerate change at the speed—or on the scale—Canada or the world needs to build a society that is sustainable and resilient. The need to address our collective sustainability crisis is becoming more urgent every day.

There is a growing call among leaders for multi-stakeholder collaboration to address the complex and interconnected social, environmental, and economic challenges we face.

We believe that The Natural Step Canada is uniquely positioned to leverage our experience in the service of systems-level change. We have built a reputation as leaders in building sustainability literacy and by forging strong relationships through advisory services. We intend to make use of these capabilities to provide leadership for collective impact on sustainability issues. Doing so is both urgently needed and the logical next step in realizing our theory of change.

The four system conditions of a sustainable society

The Common Sense Canadian
an uncommonly sensible take on our economy and our environment

The Common Sense Canadian is a forum for critical discussion of the key issues shaping our world today: water, energy, food security, and how we manage our resources to the public benefit while preserving of our environment. At The Common Sense Canadian we believe we need to pursue a future which is sustainable both economically and ecologically.