Creating With Nature

Creating with our human nature

Exploring and observing on our interests, our behaviour, and our reactions to our experience to learn how we can create with our common human nature and create behaviour that contributes to our common human interests, as individuals and as communities.

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Creating with our natural resources

We have been creating with our natural resources but we haven’t been creating with nature

The Story So Far

‘The Stanley Park Environmental Art Project was created by a partnership between the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation, the Stanley Park Ecology Society, and the Community Arts Council of Vancouver.

The goal of the project was to honour the park and its special place in the hearts of the citizens of Vancouver by giving six talented artists the opportunity to create art works and to engage the community in workshops and discussion to re-envision our relationship with nature so we may find new ways to co-exist within the environment upon which we all depend.’

Source: Community Arts Council of Vancouver

I was on the Board of the Community Art Council during the development of this project and suggested Creating with Nature as the name or the storyline for the project. The central theme was creating ephemeral art with natural materials and with a sensitivity towards the plants and animals in the park so things would return from their created to their natural state.

I imagined the idea of Creating with Nature exciting interest in creating art with nature in other communities with artists and students of art creating conversation about how we create with nature and how we could create with nature.

Stanley Park Environmental Art Project