Creating Joy

Our experience of joy comes from our appreciation for our experience of life, from our appreciation for our community around our common experience, and from our experience of creating joy.

We create our experience. Our life is a creative experience. We can make it a beautiful experience. We can make it a caring experience. We can make it a creative experience. We can live our life as a creative experience. We can create joy.

If we experience life with our feelings, we improve our ability to experience and create joy by being conscious of our feelings about our experience, and by feeling for the experience we would like to create.

The joy of life is choosing the experience of joy. Choosing joy is choosing to create joy. Creating joy lies in our creative experience and our creative expression of our appreciation.

If we experience our life with our feelings, if we make our creative choices with our feelings, what feelings would we choose to create for ourselves and for one another?

“Change the way your world looks, try seeing it with new eyes,
and you will change the way you feel about it”
Melanie Gold
from Choosing Joy

Creating Joy was inspired by Melanie Gold.

After years of happiness research, one thing has proved fundamental – the importance of our connections with other people.

But modern societies are built as if the opposite was true. We are surrounded by people, yet we feel genuinely connected to almost none of them. The effects are devastating.

Social isolation is as potent a cause of early death as smoking; and the epidemic of loneliness is twice as deadly as obesity.

We could change this in a day if we all reached out and made at least one positive connection. For the International Day of Happiness, that’s exactly what we’re going to do.

from The International Day of Happiness

Why limit our contribution to changing our experience to one day a year?

Creative connections