Creating Connections with Music

exploring the contribution of music

Exploring how music creates connections, how we create connections with music, and how we could create connections with the experience of music to excite interest in increasing understanding and appreciation for the creative experience of music, for the contribution of music to our creative and cultural evolution, and for the ability of music to create and excite creative connections that could contribute to our creative possibilities for our future.

Music creates connections. What connections does music create that contribute to our creative evolution? What connections could music contribute to our creative evolution? What connections would we like to create with music?

We can demonstrate how music creates connections. We could explore how music could create connections and how creating connections with music could contribute to accelerating our creative and cultural evolution and our evolution as a community.

What connections do we create, what connections can we create, and what connections could we create with music

Creating with Nature

We create with nature. How we create with nature and what we create with nature is our choice and how we contribute to creating connections around this idea is our creative enterprise, – creating our understanding and appreciation of our connections with nature and the contribution of our natural world to our well-being and possibilities.


Increasing our appreciation for the overwhelming feeling of love, – the overwhelming experience and our imagination of the experience of love, – and contributing to our imagination and experience of joy.


Our feeling of connectedness and how we connect around our common experiences, our common ideas and how we see and feel about our experiences, and our common interests, – the ideas and interests and pursuits of creating possibilities we have in common.


Increasing our understanding of our culture and the contributions of our different cultures, and how we create with our culture, and create with our cultures and create our culture and new cultures

Who we are

Increasing our ability to create connections with who we are, as individuals and as communities of individuals created around our common interests, ideas, and experiences of the world

Art of creating

Increasing our understanding and appreciation and exciting our interest in exploring the art of creating

Creating community

Increasing our understanding and appreciation of our possibilities for creating community around interests we have in common, our common interests, and our common enterprise by demonstrating how we have interests in common, and common interests, and common pursuits

Creative community enterprise

Understanding how ideas create ideas and creative contributions excite other creative contributions and exciting creative collaboration and creative enterprise around ideas and possibilities

Our health and well-being

Our possibilities for creating a new world are improved as we improve the health and well-being of everyone in our community, – and our understanding of the contribution of music to our well-being as individuals and as communities

Creating possibilities

Exciting creative expression, creative contribution, and creative community enterprise and accelerating our creative and cultural evolution as a community

Orchestras of the New World

Creating community with a community of orchestras of the new world, – orchestras creating and performing music with the intention of creating connections, telling stories, and exciting our imagination and creative contribution

Our creative evolution

What connections does music create and contribute to our evolution, – our understanding and appreciation of who we are and who we could become?

Creating connections with our culture
Creating connections with our feelings
Creating connections with our experience
Creating connections with our consciousness
Creating connections with our appreciation
Creating connections with our excitement
Creating connections with our love
Creating connections with our imagination
Creating connections with our inspiration
Creating connections with our creative possibilities


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The Signature Series
If the key of D-flat Major was a person, who would she be? When a composer sets out to write a piece of music — in any genre — one of the choices he or she must make is which key signature to use. What chord does it start on, and end on? Many composers see that each key has its own personality.

Zulu – Singing makes all sad people happy because it is the voice of happiness, – Joseph Shabalala, Composer
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Singing for peace live around the world

Revolution – Paul Armstrong – Film



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