Creating a New World

changing the way we see and do things


We have imagined and created our world as we see our world and as we react and respond to our experience of our world as we imagine our world to be. We live the stories we have created about how we are and how things are. We live the stories we tell one another.

We imagine one another, how we are and who we are and we see our differences to identify our selves in our world. We see we are each different from the other, until we see we see what we see in common and as we convince one another what we have in common so we become us, and the rest become them. Until we see things differently.

We create the world we imagine. We each imagine our world differently. We could continue to imagine our world differently or we could explore what we imagine in common and what we imagine differently and come to appreciate our common human nature and our common reactions to our experiences and excite creative enterprise around ideas that could contribute to our common human interests and create a new world that continues our creative evolution and our cultural evolution as a community.

Our creative games in pursuit of creating a new world begin by exploring the things we commonly agree upon in our imagination of the world. The interests, ideas, and opportunities for creative community enterprise we imagine will contribute most to creating a new world become the pursuit of our creative games.

We can create models to increase our appreciation of how our world works. We could imagine a model to create a new world.

Miniature World


The Commonwealth