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The Community Children Centre began with a project to give people who were homeless an opportunity to tell their stories about what it is like to be homeless in Vancouver and what might be done to help. The Goinhome project was introduced at an event held for the homeless by the homeless awareness committee.

Goinhome, the film created by the stories, premiered at Centre A, the Vancouver International Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, at the sixtieth anniversary celebration of the Downtown Vancouver Association and the launch of the idea to create Vancouver Community Forums.

The launch of attracted the interests of the British Columbia Federation of Foster Parent Associations  which led to the creation of as a communication centre to be operated by the Federation. Since this required funding from the limited resources of the non-profit foster parent associations this was followed shortly by the launch of to create connections with the community for community children.

The idea evolved to become, a community media centre to gather together what we know, and what we are doing, and what is working, and what is possible, and who is in our community creating connections and opportunities for our community children everywhere and contributing to their ability to be more successful in creating a life for themselves and becoming positive and successful contributors to our community.

In Canada, one per cent of our children and youth find themselves in the provincial child-care system and yet between 65 and 90% of the people living on our streets were at one time system kids.  Foster children often enter the system with mental or physical problems and leave the system inadequately prepared to become contributing members of our communities. Only 21 per cent of system kids graduate from high school, compared to 80 per cent of other Canadian youth.

The Community Children Centre is a community media centre to create connections and creative community enterprise around our community children and with our community children to create a better future for those less fortunate in our community and create a better future for our communities.

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Why do some kids end up on the streets? Why ls it that 65 % of the people living on our street have been through the provincial child care system? What can you and I do about this?

What can we as business people do to connect our children to our community? Hear about a community-based initiative to help marginalized children become contributing members of our community rather than homeless on the street.

Jim Randall, Conference Speaker
2008 BIA BC Conference for Committed Community Builders