Presentation of the Idea

CSR Canada

The Centre for Social Responsibility

July 2002

Prepared by Quantumideas

We create better societies by creating more socially responsible behavior. We create changes in behavior with information and ideas.

Information and ideas change how we think and feel which creates new choices. Communicating information and ideas to others changes how they think and feel and what they choose to do.

Communication is how we attract people to ideas that serve both their personal interests and our common interests.

Communication is how we create more socially responsible personal behaviour

Who CSR Canada serves

The Centre for Social Responsibility serves people who are interested in behaving in a socially responsible manner and in creating more socially responsible behaviour in others.

CSR Canada serves companies that are behaving in a socially responsible manner, that want to be known for their socially responsible behaviour and good business practices, that are interested in learning how they can be more socially responsible, and that provide leadership in creating socially responsible behaviour in others.

CSR Canada serves Canadians who want to learn how to become more socially responsible, who want to support socially responsible companies, who want to become more engaged in activities and community enterprises that serve our common interests and who want to contribute their views and ideas on issues of common concern.

CSR Canada serves community enterprises that are engaged in socially responsible activities that directly and indirectly serve our common interests and that are interested in attracting more interest, support and the active engagement of others

What CSR Canada does

The Centre for Social Responsibility serves socially responsible people with a communication system that provides information, ideas, and opportunities that serve our common interests.

CSR Canada will use the system to build value in the CBSR logo by informing audiences that companies who use the logo have published a statement that describes what they do, how they operate, the community activities they are involved in and how they support and contribute to the quality of life for others.

CSR Canada will publish each company’s statement on the CSR website along with information about the products and services they offer and provide a link to the company’s web site for more detailed information.

CSR Canada will encourage and assist socially responsible companies to use their communication resources and vehicles to discuss issues of common public interest and communicate opportunities to act in a socially responsible manner, and CSR Canada will use the CSR communication system to carry the same messages.

CSR Canada will publish information on the socially responsible practices and initiatives of CBSR companies to increase market interest and support and to provide models and examples for others.

CSR Canada will publish opportunities for companies interested in becoming more actively engaged in social issues or with community enterprises engaged in socially responsible activities.

CSR Canada will publish a library of ideas and information on how companies improve their business practices along with an inventory of the resources, services, and people who can assist them.

What CSR Canada does

CSR Canada serves socially responsible Canadian citizens with interests in issues of common concern with information they can act on in their personal life, in who they choose to do business with, in how they invest, in who they work with and support, and how they choose to spend their time.

The CSR website and the CSR Canada publications designed to serve communities of common interest in social issues will inform interested citizens and subscribers on trends, new ideas and developments, the companies and community enterprises that are engaged in activities related to the issue, and how citizens can participate and become more actively involved in their daily lives.

The website and publications lead interested people to sources and resources that assist them in learning more and actively pursuing their interests.

Social entrepreneurs who are interested in earning income through activities that positively contribute to addressing issues of common concern will find ideas and opportunities to create new enterprises that serve a common social issue or to create new initiatives in companies and community enterprises they are engaged in.

Most importantly, CSR Canada will provide interested citizens with the opportunity to actively engage in the discussion of social issues and the choices we have available as individual citizens to contribute positively to our common interests. The CSR Pulse will regularly publish questions of interest and concern, on-line and periodically in print, to engage socially responsible Canadians, obtain their views and opinions, and give them an opportunity to participate in identifying actions that might be taken. The opinions and views gathered would be published for the benefit of all participants and for socially responsible companies and community enterprises that can use the information in their activities.

What CSR Canada does

CSR Canada will provide community enterprises engaged in socially responsible activities with the opportunity to tell their story, provide information of interest, and advise citizens and managers in socially responsible companies and other community enterprises of ideas and opportunities they can act upon in their personal or professional life.

The CSR communication system will be primarily web-based, organized around audience interests but will also include print vehicles for more actively interested people to subscribe to as market interest grows and is determined through internet connections that are

The Centre for Social Responsibility will provide the opportunity for all organizations with common social interests to collaborate, both in influencing public opinion and action and by working together to capitalize on their unique interests, strengths, and abilities to become more successful individually and collectively.

Socially responsible companies will be offered highly leveraged opportunities to inform and actively engage more citizens in issues of common social interest by financing parts of the CSR communication system and its communication activities. All interested citizens and enterprises will be given opportunities to contribute to and support the operation and activities of the Centre.

The Centre for Social Responsibility can be created through the collaboration of community enterprises that are involved in the common interest of creating more socially responsible behavior. The idea and the model could be developed with the participation of community enterprises based in Vancouver and the enterprise could be created by engaging socially responsible companies and interested community enterprises across Canada.

Canadians and Canadian enterprise can demonstrate that Canada Cares by creating a model and providing socially responsible leadership to the world.

Presentation to the Board of Directors
Canadian Business for Social Responsibility
July 2002 – PDF

I propose that we create a group of thinkers and potential partners with an interest in creating and participating in CSR Canada. We can think about it as an informal board of custodians of the idea and of the interests served by the idea. In this case the “board” is a brain trust, governance of a different kind, a team that figures out how to make it happen so it serves everyone’s interests well.

CSR Canada becomes the child of Canadian Business for Social Responsibility and CBSR rears the idea to adulthood. The idea has already been born, complete with its positioning line, in the international press.
Ideas for Canadian Business for Social Responsibility

In the world of marketing our brand is how we are seen and known and what we are known for contributing in the marketplace. We are known by what we say and do, by how we say and do things, and by how and what we contribute. Our brand, how we are seen and known, is our identity. This is how the world comes to see us and know our enterprise, our product, our contribution. Our brand contributes to creating our enterprise.

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