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Creating a future for our universities
Creating a future for our museums
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Learning how to learn, learning how to respond to our experience, learning how to create our experience, and learning how to create with our experience is how we learn how to contribute to changing the way we see and do things, how we learn how to contribute to how others see and do things, and how we learn how we communicate, how we learn how to create relationships, and how we learn the art of creating and the art of creative community enterprise.

Learning how to learn and learning what to learn contributes to our ability to create more successful enterprise in pursuit of our personal well-being, in pursuit of our ability to make a contribution, and in pursuit of our creative evolution as individuals and as a community.

from  Blueprint for the Future

Learning how we change the way we see and do things to create changes in our behaviour that contribute more successfully to our personal interests and personal enterprise
Learning how we contribute to changing the way others see and do things to create changes in our community behaviour

Observed behaviour is how we learned about others, – and from others
Our feelings and our behaviour are how we learn about ourselves
We demonstrate who we are with our behaviour.
Our behaviour is what we say and do and how we say and do things
Others learn from our behaviour.
Language creates behaviour

Creative enterprise
Conscious appreciative observation, exploration, and consideration is how we learn from our experience, how we discover opportunities for creative contribution and creative enterprise, and how we determine what we could do and how we could do things which contribute to our personal interests, our personal well-being, and our personal enterprise in increasing our contribution and our ability to increase our contribution to the interests of others and create relationships and community and creative possibilities.

What we know
We are all creative. We can all increase our intelligence. We all evolve.

Centre for Creative Enterprise
Learning the arts of creative enterprise

Creating our learning systems
Creating systems from what we have learned about how we learn and what contributes to our ability to learn to contribute to giving more people the opportunity to learn how to learn and accelerate our abilities to contribute to our evolution as a community. Organizing for learning.

Creative conversation
We often don’t know what we have learned and how we see and think about things until we are asked.

Changing the way we see opportunities to create roles for ourselves and make a contribution in a rapidly evolving world

Exploring and discovering our interests, abilities, possibilities, and opportunities and creating our story.


The classroom just got bigger

The development of “learning centres,” or places where students can access information and communication technology appliances and connectivity, is becoming commonplace as a strategy for distributing learning opportunities beyond the home campus. The Namibian Open Learning Network illustrates how centres can be linked and used by several institutions. Learners are also using Internet cafés where they have ready access.

From a presentation by the Commonwealth of Learning to the
15th Conference of Commonwealth Education Ministers
Edinburgh, Scotland, October 2003
A Virtual University for Small States of the Commonwealth – PDF

The Spirit of our Common Wealth

Creative connections

Creative centres

Creating Our Learning Systems
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