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The ability to frame and champion a compelling narrative is central to the work of transformational leadership. Great leaders are first and foremost creators of stories that galvanize others, – stories that can invest distant and challenging goals with meaning and appeal. Recent research in neuroscience has shown how human beings are hard-wired for stories. We have story-pattering brains, both constructing and attending to meaning in narrative form. But even without the brain-mapping confirmation of this, the powerful force of stories is evident throughout cultures and throughout history.

Compelling stories capture our imagination, engage us emotionally, and move us. Narrative logic is not the same as factual logic. There is little room for moral appeal in a business case that builds a rational argument around a value proposition. But there is no compelling story, – or convincing call to purpose, – in a narrative that does not appeal in some way to our moral sensibilities. In fictional stories we are drawn into the challenge faces by the characters. In the stories transformative leaders craft, we are drawn into the challenges we collectively face. As George Akerloft says, “The confidence of a nation or of any large group, tends to revolve around stories… Confidence is not just the emotional state of an individual. It is a view of other people’s confidence, and of other people’s perceptions of other people’s confidence.”

Ric Young
from Transformational Leadership

Creative Connections

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Creating Connections with Stories
Creating Community with Stories


The art of creative storytelling is the art of creating connections, contributing ideas and information, and exciting the imagination and interest of listeners. Who are the communities we are telling our stories to, and contributing to, and interested in creating connections and relationships with? What enterprises could contribute to our interests, what enterprises could benefit from contributing to our enterprise, what enterprises could benefit from the contribution of our enterprise?

Creative Storytelling is not about telling a story creatively. It is about telling a creative story.

The storyline

Our storyline is the sticky message

When we read we are listening to the voice of the storyteller. Creative storytellers create listeners.

Creative story telling is the idea we can all pursue to excite creative contribution, creative leadership, and creative entrepreneurship, – creating a place for ourselves in our communities, learning the art of exciting creative leadership, and learning the art of creating successful enterprise.

Creative storytellers connect, inform, and excite imagination. Imagination creates interest in creative contribution, creative leadership, creative entrepreneurship, and creative storytelling.

Our interests, contribution, and enterprise  in creative storytelling is to create connections, contribute to the interests and appreciation of our listeners, and excite our imagination and interest in ideas and opportunities to contribute and create.

Creative storytellers can contribute to our understanding and appreciation for our creative resources, our creative contributors, our creative contributions, and our creative opportunities, ideas, and enterprise.

Creative storytelling comes alive in the experience in Theatre of Fire. Theatre of Fire Story tells the story of our human journey to what we are experiencing now and our possibilities going forward through our arts, – our creative expression of our response to our experience of the world and our creative contribution to the experience and connections of one another around our stories and our imagination.

Creative storytelling uses simple, direct, and easily understandable language to increase our ability to connect and contribute the information, ideas, and opportunities carried by the story and to the appreciation of our listener for the experience.

Is our story believable, is it true, can people understand the ideas and opportunities the story is communicating for them, it easy to retell, and is it likely to be retold because we want to contribute to others.

Stories which change the way we see and do things and excite ideas and possibilities in our enterprise and life contribute to our appreciation for the experience and the contribution.

Theatre of Fire is a creative experience bringing music, dance, performance, film, visual media and theatre of every creative expression to the narrative to excite our imagination and creative contribution to the possibilities.

Theatre of Fire is a creative experience which explores our powerful relationship with fire and the energy it has contributed to our development and how our creative energy could become the fire which transforms what we do and how we do things to create our possibilities for the future.

Theatre of Fire is created by artists from a community to tell the story of human survival and evolution to where we are and what we are experiencing today. The community created by the performance is invited to contribute to the creative expression to explore and imagine our story going forward

Contributors become part of creating and telling the story of our heroic creative journey going forward in pursuit of the experience of creative contribution and the serendipity which guides our enterprise and creates our personal journey and story.

Creative storytelling contributes to creating community, – with the awareness of our common interests, our common nature in our response to our experience of life, and in our imagination and enterprise as creative contributors to one another, – and our appreciative consciousness of our connectedness and our possibilities of creating and contributing to the experience of joy in our relationships and communities.

These are my observations on how we could improve our ability to create connections with one another when we tell our stories in writing, – often our first introduction before we create the opportunity to tell our stories orally or in a more creative conversation.

What interests could our story create? What connections could contribute to those interests?

Telling our stories
Creating community with stories

Telling our story


My story


I am interested in leveraging what I have learned to work with people who want to make our contributors more successful in creating possibilities for the future of humanity. We can increase our probabilities of creating possibilities if we accelerate our ability to create connections.


Do you see an idea or opportunity that could contribute to creating possibilities your enterprise? Do you see an idea or opportunity where your enterprise could benefit from contributing to our ability to create connections? Do you see a connection you would like to contribute?


Creating relationships


Enterprise: What are you doing? What would you like to do?

Context: Why and what could you contribute?

Connection: Why do you think I could be interested in what you are doing? What interests do you imagine I have that you could contribute to?

Contribution: What could I contribute?

Relationship: What do you imagine we could create working together?


We need to ask the questions so we can understand what success looks. When your success becomes our success and our success becomes your success.


Creating connections


Where we are

How we got here.

What we know.

Where we are going

Where we could go

What we could do


Creative conversation


Good context


Creative enterprise