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Contribution creates relationships.

Creating connections, understanding, and relationships with communication.

When our enterprise involves other people we need to think about what and how we communicate, our interests in communicating, and our relationships with those we are communicating with. We are known by what we say and do and how we say and do things. Our reason for communicating is to create connections.

We need to curate the stories, the ideas, the information, the art, and the opportunities we are presenting. How would it stand up to the observations of a program in creative entrepreneurship or story-telling.

What does our communication say about our enterprise from the point of view of the listener? How do we think about the people we are contributing to? What are we doing with our communication? Why are we communicating? What’s the story?

In selling we ask, – What is the message and how do we communicate it? In creating relationships and community we ask, – what is the contribution and how do we connect our contribution to the interests of our community?

What does this contribute to our interests in selling or our interests in contributing and creating connections and relationships?

Who is going to read it without context? Who will pass it on to others and why? If we do not have an interest in an enterprise we are not going to contribute.

If we are not interested in telling the story and making a contribution, – if people aren’t interested in the opportunity we are creating, – it is good to know that quickly. If our story is clear and our opportunities understandable it will help people understand whether they are interested. Stories curate the contribution and create connections.

We can’t teach. We learn. How do we tell our story to excite an interest in learning? How does our story connect to our context and the context of the communities we are part of, contributing to, and creating?

Story 1 from DTES POW “In Our Own Voices” – Madeline on “Childhood Abuse Brought Me to the Downtown Eastside”

How could we expect to create relationships with our community if we aren’t creating relationships with our contributors, – the people who have demonstrated they are in our community? How do we reward them for their contribution? Not with thanks, – with opportunities to contribute their point of view and create community around their point of view. We want to contribute to making the enterprise successful and we are not given opportunities.

Articulate our interests and our three choices into our consciousness.
Do we continue? Do we retire? Do we explore for the overlooked alternative?


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