Centre for Canadian Film

Film is first and foremost an expression of our identity through the most important medium of our time.
Our common interest is to make Canadian film accessible to large audiences. Our films are sometimes more appreciated and recognized internationally than in our own community.
– Observations from the idea about creating the Canadian Movie Channel

Our common enterprise is to increase the number of views of Canadian films in our common interest of increasing the ability, capacity, and contribution of our film making community. The Centre for Canadian Film is a place where we can connect our film community, create connections for our community, create connections with our community, and create connections with the media.

Increasing our ability to tell stories with film which contribute to expressing and creating our culture to creating connections, and to increasing our capacity, our community, and our ability to contribute to creating possibilities. Our ability and resources to increase the contribution of Canadian film comes from creating connections with and for our community and exciting our interest and imagination in increasing the contribution of Canadian filmmakers to our culture, to creating community, and to creating possibilities for our future.

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The National Film Board offers more than 2,000 films online at nfb.ca and through a popular smartphone and tablet app and is considered a global leader in both reaching audiences on multiple platforms and in pioneering the new field of transmedia, telling documentary stories on interactive websites.
Source: Kate Taylor – How Tom Perlmutter turned the NFB into a global new-media player
Globe and Mail, May 18, 2013
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