Canadian Music Centre story so far

Hello Voting Members and Associates

This is a short report on the Canadian Music Centre meetings and Annual General Meeting in Toronto that Heather Pawsey and I attended in the middle of June. Minutes will be distributed by National at a later date, but I wanted to keep everyone apprised of the activities, especially since the B.C. Region had submitted a letter to the board outlining several of the issues that were raised at our Regional Annual Meeting.

Meetings began with a Composers Committee meeting chaired by Bob Bauer (Atlantic Region) on the evening of Thursday, June 13. While various business is covered in such meetings there was a considerable amount of discussion from all Regions regarding the website, especially the ability of composers to submit and edit material for their pages. A request was made to meet with the Canadian Music Centre IT people sometime on the following day but that turned out not to be possible. Another request will be forwarded about adding hit counters to each composer’s page so that composers can see the amount of traffic being generated by their page.

The next two days, June 14 and 15, were taken up with meetings of the Canadian Music Centre Executive, the Board of the Canadian Music Centre, the Canadian Music Centre Facilities Corporation, the Annual General Meeting, and the meeting and election of new officers by the new board following the AGM. In the leadup meetings to the AGM a great deal of time was spent discussing the financial and organizational situation of the CMC as a whole, so much so that we were unable to get through all of the items on the agendas over the two days. The letter to the Board of the Canadian Music Centre from the BC Region was distributed to the board in the meeting materials but we were not able to discuss it specifically. (Neither were we able to get to motions from other regions.) However, a great deal of the discussion during the two days was directly related to the issues raised in the BC Region’s letter, and based on those discussions there will be a response to the letter from Owen Underhill, the President of the Canadian Music Centre.

During the two days there were frank discussions about the website and its support, printing services (the where and when) and distribution of scores, the recording services, the financial planning of the entire organization, methods of creating more efficiencies between regions and between support staff, and means of studying the efficiency of our organizational model. Some of these discussions were being continued last week as the strategic planning committee met.

Regional Vice-Chair George Laverock and Regional Director Bob Baker attended the strategic meetings which included all of the Canadian Music Centre Regional Directors and members of the Executive. I’m pleased to say that in a recent conversation with Bob and George they reported on a very positive set of meetings with clearly defined priorities and action plans. The new national Standing Finance Committee includes George as well as Owen Underhill and has laid out an aggressive timetable for dealing with the financial situation of the Canadian Music Centre. The first draft of this Strategic Plan will soon be in our hands and all Voting Members will have a chance to see it. There will also be a Townhall meeting early in the Fall for discussion of the Strategic Plan and to allow for regional feedback to National.

One of the bittersweet moments of the National meetings was the National Director and President presenting a plaque to outgoing BC Vice-Chair Heather Pawsey who has served in various capacities on the National executive for 8 years. All of us are going to miss her very sharp mind at the meetings, but she has assured us that she will continue to take phone calls when needed!

Bob Pritchard
BC Region Chair