The Management Process

The Planning Process

Enterprises exist to achieve an outcome. Commercial enterprises exist to earn income and increase their value by providing services that benefit others.

Many commercial enterprises attempt to create a business plan that articulates what they are trying to achieve and how they plan to achieve it. The plan is usually developed to guide the efforts of the enterprise. Sometimes its purpose is to convince others to invest in or otherwise support the efforts of the enterprise.

A business plan is normally bound by time frames of committed courses of action. Performance against plan is often measured against outcomes that are dependent upon circumstances and events that are often beyond the ability of the enterprise to manage. The responsibility and ability to change the plan, if it gets changed, is usually limited to a few people. Also, the plan frequently outlines strategies for the enterprise without identifying accountability for performing activities.

The tendency to evaluate performance against desired outcomes, rather than managed outcomes; the static nature of the plan, which does not recognize the systemic and dynamic nature of things; and the difficulty of integrating changes in circumstances, conditions and events, and new information, ideas, challenges and opportunities into the plan can militate against its effectiveness as a guide for decision-making, resource allocation and action.

An alternative is to create a management process to define our intents, decide what we will do to achieve our intents, observe what happens and what is working, and determine what to do better, what to do differently or what other things we might do that could work better.

The Management Process

The intent of the management process is to improve the quality of the decisions we make and our ability to manage what we do to increase the value of our enterprise.

We decide our intents or desired outcomes and what we will do to achieve these outcomes. Our intents focus our decisions and activities. What we decide and what we do is what we manage.

The process ensures that everyone understands our intents and what we are doing and provides opportunities to contribute observations and ideas.

Our vision is our intent for the firm. It articulates what we are and what we like to be. Part of our vision is the value proposition we offer to clients.

Our vision provides the foundation for our management decisions and activities. It guides the development of the platforms we build to realize our vision; the acquisition and development of our clients, the delivery and enhancement of our value proposition, and the care and development of our resources.

This involves deciding and agreeing upon our intents and what we will do to develop the value of our client base, the value of the services we offer, and the value of our resources.

The process becomes one of managing what we do. This involves assigning responsibility for doing things and creating forums to observe what is happening.

We focus our attention on whether we have done or are doing what we decided, and how well we are doing it. We observe what is happening and what is working and use our observations to decide how we might do things better or differently and to determine what we think will work better.

Whether we are doing what we agreed is a quantitative observation. How well we are doing it and how well it is working is a qualitative observation. How well we do things depends on our ability, our capacity and our attitude.


Responsibility for creating the vision and the value proposition for the enterprise lies with the custodians of the enterprise. The vision and value proposition is reviewed annually.

Responsibility for deciding what we do to achieve our vision and increase the value of the firm lies with the management group who are the custodians of the management process. What we are doing and how well we are doing is reviewed quarterly.

Responsibility for the acquisition and development of our clients lies with the custodians of our clients’ interests. Our intents, what we are doing and how well we are doing are reviewed monthly.

Responsibility for the delivery and enhancement of the value we offer lies with the custodians of our value proposition. Our intents, what we are doing and how well we are doing are reviewed monthly.

Responsibility for the care and development of our resources lies with the custodians of our shareholders’ interests. Our intents, what we are doing and how well we are doing are reviewed monthly. A report on the state of the firm is made to the shareholders quarterly.

Issues and opportunities which require or could benefit from the involvement of the management group are presented for decision and action at the weekly management

Our Vision

Our vision articulates our intent for the enterprise.
It is what we are and what we like to be

We are a successful, profitable, growing, independent investment management firm known for our competence, professionalism and integrity, and for delivering quality services and solid performance. We are recognized as a leader for our innovative, leading edge, proven and reliable processes for active money management.

We offer a value proposition and a way of doing business that serves the long- term interests of our clients and customize our services and service delivery to meet or exceed their expectations.

Our clients are people who believe our investment management objectives and approach makes sense for them. We enjoy doing business with our clients and they enjoy doing business with us.

The members of our firm are people with an actively engaging attitude who are interested in finding ways to make things work better and who are open, respectful and appreciative of different ideas and opinions.

We work together to provide members of the firm with opportunities to contribute that they will enjoy and the assistance and resources they need to be successful.

We actively seek to improve the value of what we do and welcome change, challenges and opportunities to learn how to do things better.

We like to make the experience of doing business pleasurable, rewarding and positive for members, clients and associates of the enterprise.

We know our success lies in our ability to deliver the value and results our clients expect and our commitment to serve their interests ethically, honestly, and with integrity.

Our Value Proposition

Our value proposition
articulates why people should do business with us

We focus on producing better than average returns for our clients with a lower than average risk.

We provide a range of investment options to create investment strategies for each client that we believe will work for their individual interests and objectives.

As the custodian of their interests, we keep our clients informed about what is happening, how they are doing, and what we are doing to manage their investment performance.

Our core investment style, which blends growth, value and momentum strategies, allows us to create diversified portfolios that capitalize on the positive aspects and offset the volatility of each individual strategy to produce consistent and reliable returns in any market environment.

We employ proprietary, disciplined and advanced research and investment processes that help us find opportunities, develop profitable investment strategies and reduce uncertainty. Our processes are designed to produce and actively manage superior information for investment decisions.

Our clients look for consistent, reliable, above average performance with a managed level of risk. In a complex, fast-paced global investment environment, sophisticated systems and attentive and responsive management processes are essential.

We recognize that constantly changing conditions create new investment opportunities. We are focused on learning what is happening and on applying what we know to improve investment performance. We are also focused on the opportunities that new learning creates to improve our processes and our ability to better manage our clients’ investment performance in the future.

Our success lies in the integrity of our approach. At Genus, we invest and manage our resources to achieve that result.

Customer Attraction and Development

Our Intent

Increase the number of high value clients who believe their interests will be well served by our approach

Retain, maximize the value and create advocates by demonstrating our value and ability to serve their interests

Increase our mix of clients to increase the size of our potential client base, reinforce our value and raise our profile and awareness in the marketplace

Our intent for 2018

Acquire 30 new contributors of value

Increasing the number of expressions of interest
Create advocates by reinforcing and demonstrating our value and arming them with information they can use

What we will do

Create an improved database of information of potential contributors and influencers and track the nature and quality of their relationship and understanding

Create and implement an improved communication program tailored to communities of common interest and common enterprise

Create and implement a communication program for individuals who express an interest

Create and implement a communication tailored for influencers and advisors

Identify and implement improvements in our approach to preparing and presenting investment management proposals

Identify ideas and opportunities

Increasing the number of invitations to present an investment proposal

Our Vision

Our vision articulates our intent for the enterprise. It is what we are and what we like to be. Our vision describes:

What we are
What we do
Who we do it for
Who we are
How we like to be
How we do things
How we like to do things
What we are trying to do

Our enterprise
Who we are and who we like to be

Our Value Proposition

Why people do business with us.

What we promise
What we deliver
What makes us different?
What makes us relevant?