Arts Direct

Creating Community with the Arts

Everybody can play Arts Credits. Everyone gets credit for investing in our creative community and our creative experience.

The Story

ArtsDirect is an economically independent media system creating connections and resources to increase the size and contribution of our arts community, – the communities of creative artists contributing to creating connections, and community, and exciting our creative imagination and our creative energy and our creativity, and contributing to our appreciation for our experience of life and our understanding and connectedness.

What We Know

If we rely upon government to understand and appreciate the value of the arts to our community interests and to see the contribution on our investment in our artists and the evolution of our creative expression we are at risk of leaving our investment in the future for the arts in the hands of the ideas and decisions of the few, – the nature of our government enterprise and structures and system.

If we are to ensure a future for our arts we need to excite the investment of our communities, – the communities that enjoy, benefit from, and understand the value of the arts to the health, wealth, and creative and cultural development of our communities and the contribution of the arts to understanding what we have in common and appreciating our differences in contributing to creating community.

What is ArtsDirect

ArtsDirect is a communication centre for arts community audiences, and for artists, presenters, and community businesses to introduce themselves, inform people about events and opportunities, and communicate personally to their interests.

ArtsDirect is community operated media system financed with a voluntary contribution and reward system that works with point of sale terminals and magnetic cards.

ArtsDirect gives people interested in the arts and in our arts community the ability to invest in the creative experiences that contribute to their creative interests.

What we could create

Investment in the cultural and creative development of our communities from the people demonstrating an interest in creative experiences.
The experience economy, the creative economy, the sustainable community economy.


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