Protest – 17 Artists

An exhibition of historical and contemporary works by artists concerned with the socio-political issues of their day, who question the status quo and the power structures found within societies, and who take the language of protest as a means to explore its potency. This exhibition was collaboration with Reprieve, – an organization dedicated to helping the world’s most vulnerable people by fighting extreme abuses of human rights.

Victoria Miro Gallery
16 Wharf Road, London
September 23 to November 5, 2016

The exhibition presents historical, new, and recent works by artists who address issues including migration, censorship, struggles for equality, and democracy. Through image composition, gesture, material, form, or concept, they serve as meditations on contemporary issues or as calls to action, inspiring consideration of possibilities for a life of freedom and unity, an insistence on human rights, and continued dialogue around immediate social and political issues which confront our global community.

The power of words, – slogans, graffiti, signs, newspaper stories and the interpretive space opened up between their transmission and reception are explored, how words are altered by context, encounters between hard hitting news stories and advertisements fro luxury goods, commentary on ideas and status, politics and power, questions of what art dealing with newsworthy issues or protests against the suffering of others should look like.

The exhibition explores how we make visible the plight of others and keep their stories debated and alive, with ideas about how we celebrate the freedoms we possess, and highlight the disparity between the growing freedoms enjoyed in progressive countries and the worsening or non-existent rights in others

Victoria Miro Gallery