Why community media

Important, if true

There is a story, if true, that in the early days of journalism these words accompanied articles in small community newspapers when publishers had to rely on stories from travelers about what was happening in the world outside the community which could not be verified.

Now we have reporters in every community in the world contributing to our knowledge, our ideas, our culture, and our creative evolution.

What is important is exploring what we know, what we don’t know, what we need to know, and what we could benefit from knowing as communities to determine what is true and what we agree is important to determine what we care about, what we could do, and what we can do as a community in response to our rapidly changing world.

Important, if true.

Why community media

  • Our common enterprise is to build community
  • Creating connections around common interests creates community
  • We can connect and create community with community media
  • Our stories are our media
  • Our stories create our community
  • Our stories create our community culture
  • Our stories create our community media
  • Our media for connecting our communities are the stories that contribute to creating our communities of common interest and exciting creative community enterprise

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