The new media

Media is the means of communication that reach very large numbers of people. Traditionally this has meant newspapers, magazines, radio, and television.

In the five hundred million channel universe we have created it will become increasingly difficult to reach large numbers of people effectively through traditional means.

Whoever has a relationship with large numbers of people owns the means of communicating to those people. The media of the future lies with whoever has the relationships. Relationships are the means of communication in the media of the new world.

The media is the story, the idea, the observation, the experience and the opportunity that creates the connection and excites interest contributes to and excites

Without communications, relationships can not exist. The success of every enterprise lies in understanding, appreciating, and creating relationships. We create relationships around ideas and interest we have community on. Creating relationships is how we create community.

We create our relationships and our relationships create us is an idea that could bring new understanding, new appreciation, and new meaning to the idea of creative relationships.

What relationships would we like to create? What relationships would contribute to our ability to create community around our enterprise? What relationships would we like to create with?

Creative centres

Theatre of the New World