The global challenge

We are humans. We have one goal in common. Improving the quality of our lives.

We are all connected. We are all related. What one of us does affects others. What many of us do affects all.

We have been clever. We have learned how to master technology. We have improved our ability to exercise power over nature and one another, often forgetting we are part of nature.

Nature has power. It is where our power comes from. And nature keeps its power in balance. If we are to survive as part of nature, we must learn how to keep our power in balance with nature and with one another, never forgetting that we, – like the rest of nature, – are governed by natural laws.

Our challenge is to understand the connectedness of all things and the power of the relationships we have, one with another, and with the world. We learned how to take our world apart to improve our ability to survive and to improve the quality of our lives. Now we need to learn how to understand it all together. Something we know from our native roots. Something we need to understand to survive.

There are a lot of people on the planet. Each person unique. All of us have certain things in common. One of those things is our ability to communicate with one another. We now have the ability to communicate around the world.

Our ability to communicate depends upon our ability to make a connection on some common ground. A common interest. A common need. A common concern. A common understanding. A common feeling. A common vision. A common love.

Because we are able to communicate we are able to learn without having to experience everything first hand. We just need to be able to connect around a common interest and be able to trust one another. This creates a communion, a community, in which we can work collectively and collaboratively to address concerns and pursue common interests related to the quality of our lives to improve the quality of life. This gives us a sense of belonging and a greater sense of the relationship we have with one another.

Communication around common interests creates relationships. Communication gives us the ability to understand relationships and the power of relationships which allows us to create a greater sense of community around common interests.

Communications create relationships. Without communications, relationships cannot exist. Without communications learning can not occur. Without communications solutions can not be found. Without communications individuals can not be empowered. Without communications creative expression is not possible.

Our global challenge is to create communications system, and learn the art of creative communications to improve our ability to create connections with one another, and for one another, and for ourselves to accelerating our ability to excite creative connections which contribute to our creative interests as individuals, as communities, and as a community.

Written in 1996 as an introduction to the idea of Native Roots as a demonstration of how we can use our communication capabilities to more effectively explore the critical issues we are facing as the millennium approaches, a demonstration of our ability to create a learning marketplace, a one-on-one economic marketplace, an opportunity to explore and come to appreciate the value of diversity and improve our ability to use communications for self-empowerment.

Creating in the new world

The world of the indigenous cultures of the Americas was called the new world. In the new world of the world wide web, – the digital world, – connections and relationships can be created around common interests, common ideas, and common experiences, communities of common interest can be created around creative possibilities which excite our imagination, and communities of common enterprise can be created around ideas and opportunities for creative community enterprise around creative possibilities.