The community line

What we could do. What we imagine  could happen. What we imagine we could contribute to creating. How we imagine we could create the line.

What we could do is establish a community line around the Great Bear Rainforest and the Salish Sea our common resources to ensure a better future for our natural resources we have the opportunity and the ability to be the custodians of and protect for our ability to create a future for ourselves

A line by common agreement to not allow any incursion into our common world resource which puts our our common natural resource at risk until we can explore the business case and determine the contribution to our economy and to the sustainability of our economy.

The British Colonial Government took on the responsibility to protect. Nehru in assuming responsibility for government at independence continued to carry forward the responsibility to protect, – with these words, – “I am anxious that they should advance. But I am even more anxious that they should lose their artistry and joy in life and culture that distinguishes them in many ways”

We are all anxious that we should advance. We could be even more anxious if we lost our ability to experience joy and create possibilities for ourselves for our future in our world and our ability to create a future for our world.

The cost of restoring our environment, and our oceans, and our atmosphere, if it is possible, is much greater than the cost of protecting our resources. And the net present value of the economic contribution of our natural resources to our economy is likely much greater than the contribution to our economy of the non-renewable resources we are mining and destroying.

When we have completed our economic analysis and explore the business case we can see if the value of the resources we have has increased as the price and need for our resources grows in the future if we are unable to create other sources of energy from borrowing on the value of the asset our oil companies own. We, the shareholders in our investment funds, own our oil companies. But creating economic sanctions against our oil companies is only a short term impact on our imaginary share values as we find alternative, safer, renewable, energy production alternatives with a greater and more sustainable economic benefit and a greater opportunity for a sustainable future for our world economy and for the future of our world.