Relationships are the new media

Media is the means of communication that reach very large numbers of people. Traditionally this has meant newspapers, magazines, radio, and television. In the five hundred million channel universe we have created it will become increasingly difficult to reach large numbers of people effectively through traditional means.

Whoever has a relationship with large numbers of people owns the means of communicating to those people. The media of the future lies with whoever has the relationships. Relationships are the means of communication in the media of the new world.

The media is the story, the idea, the observation, the experience and the opportunity that contributes to creating the connection and excites appreciation and interest. Without communications relationships can not exist. The success of every enterprise lies in understanding, appreciating, and creating relationships.

We create relationships around interests and ideas we have community on. Creating relationships is how we create community.

Relationship marketing

People can be segmented into groups. More particularly, people group themselves into segments based on their individual sense of identity, – their perception, belief, or understanding of who they are.

In marketing, people are segmented into groups based on common behaviours and common characteristics. When we wish to make a connection, communicate successfully, or create a relationship, we benefit from knowing and learning more about the characteristics, perceptions, feelings, and behaviour of others.

The group of people who can make the greatest contribution to improving the quality of life for themselves and for others are those who are informed, concerned, and influential. Without communications we can not be informed. Without communications we can not express our concerns. Without communications we can not contribute. Without communication we can not learn about one another.

When we contribute information, ideas, and opinions, we have an opportunity to influence the perceptions and point of view of others and assist others in becoming aware of the choices that are available to act on their concern.

We listen to people we like and trust, – who care about the same things we care about. A relationship exists when someone cares and someone feels cared for.

Data based marketing

Data based marketing is an approach to marketing and communications designed to assist enterprises in learning as much as possible about the unique interests and behaviour of each individual customer in order to better serve the customer with relevant information and choices to act upon. It allows servant leadership to be practiced with large numbers of people.

Data based marketing provides enterprises with the opportunity to build and keep positive relationships with each individual customer. If we are unable to know each of our customers personally on a one-on-one basis, we can at least use our information management capability to ensure that our customers are treated and cared for in a personal, individualized manner.

Data-based marketing allows people to be grouped in segments of one.

Creating relationships in the new world

In the new world we can move from the idea of relationship marketing to the idea of creating relationships around our common interests and common enterprise as communities, recognizing that the nature, quality, strength, and appreciation of our relationship lies in our creative contribution to the interests and enterprise we have in common as a community.

We create our relationships and our relationships create us is an idea that could bring new understanding, appreciation, and meaning to the idea of creative relationships.

What relationships would we like to create? What relationships would contribute to our ability to create community around our enterprise? What relationships would we like to create with?

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