Doorway Stories

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Doorway stories are written with intent, – to introduce a story, to contribute information and ideas to the reader, to create connections with the interests the story is written for, to curate the contribution of the story, to create an enjoyable experience for the reader, and to excite interest in opportunities to explore, learn, contribute, or create.

Doorway stories introducing community contributors tell readers what the enterprise does, what the enterprise contributes to the interests of the communities who are involved, benefiting, or affected by the enterprise, and the interests of the enterprise.

Doorway stories introducing a creative community enterprise tell readers about the opportunity, how the opportunity contributes or could contribute to the interests of the community, and the communities of interest who are or could be involved or interested in the opportunities to learn about, contribute to, or create connections and relationships and creative enterprise around. Stories for creative community enterprise introduce common interests, communities of interest, creative possibilities, ideas, community contributors, contributors to imagining the story, and contributors to creating the story and the creative enterprise

Doorway stories introducing creative contributors tell readers

Doorway stories introduce writers with a page from one of their books which contributes to the interests of the community served by the doorway story

Doorway stories introducing opportunities to explore

Doorway stories introducing learning opportunities

Doorway stories introducing community resources

Doorway stories introducing creative resources

About doorway stories
Doorway stories are edited to fit the format and interests of the community and the communities of interest the story contributes to and to the interests of the community served by community media, and the interests of community media.

Explorers for creative enterprise are exploring for opportunities to learn, contribute, or create connections, relationships, and creative enterprise and for information, ideas, and opportunities to learn how to learn, how to respond to our experience, The doorway story and the doorway story teller is a connector, curating the contribution of the story for the creative explorer.

Doorway stories could be created for people and enterprises who could have difficulty communicating their interests, points of view, ideas, enterprise, and contribution, – or for creating connections with communities of interest with a different culture, language, and experience of the world

Our interests with doorway stories is to contribute to all of the communities involved. Any improvements, additions, or different ideas or ways of telling our doorway stories will be appreciated by our readers.

Doorway stories are told to create connections, contribute information and ideas, and excite interest in exploring for ideas and opportunities that could contribute to our interest in opportunities to learn, contribute, or create.

Doorway stories for community contributors and creative contributors would tell readers what they do, why they are doing, and how and what they are contributing the interests of the communities who are involved, benefiting, or affected by their enterprise.

All doorway stories contribute to our ability to learn, contribute, and create.