What Happened

Since I will never finish my sixth book I thought I would get my last book behind me so I can  focus on Creating the Story.

What happens tomorrow is we continue to create the story as we create our world by imagining possibilities about what we can do and what could happen. My purpose is to contribute something of value to our creative community, – the community of people who care about making a contribution, – the people who are having conversations and exploring ideas about what we can do and how we can do better. and what things we can do differently, and what different things we can do to make a bigger contribution to creating a better future for our world.

Communications are confusing. If we can learn how to communicate with one another we can improve our ability to create community. My interest is to make my communications clear.

I am interested in exciting creative conversation in communities of common interest and common enterprise exploring what we can do to increase the contributions of our creative communities. I am interested in focusing our creative energy and creative resources on exploring ideas for creating possibilities around our common human interests to improve our ability to create a new world so we can create a better future for our world.

What Happened will be told by the story we create.