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I often describe books as ‘one page’ books. The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell, for example, about what contributes to creating a sudden and dramatic change in the way we see and do things.

The Tipping Point

The law of the few

The law of the few is the observed evidence that the creation of any kind of social epidemic is heavily dependent on the involvement of people who are connectors, mavens, and persuaders.

Connectors are people who have connections with a large number of people with different social, cultural, economic, and enterprise interests who live and work in different communities. Connectors can link us up with the world.

Mavens are information specialists who are interested in solving problems and connect us with new information. Mavens can start word-of-mouth epidemics with their knowledge, social skills, and ability to communicate.

Persuaders are charismatic people who have an ability to make others want to agree with them and what they say. Persuaders can excite our interest, our imagination, and our enterprise.

The sticky message

The sticky message is memorable, structured for maximum possible impact, and contributes to creating connections with our experiences, our interests, and our context.

The context

We know we are sensitive to our experience and heavily influenced by the conditions and circumstances we are experiencing when we get the message. We understand the power of the context and the power of creating context for the messages we communicate.

The Tipping Point
How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference

We Are at a Tipping Point

Our geological community says we are in the Anthropocene era, an era dominated by the impact of human activity on our world. Observations from our scientific community are that we are at a tipping point in the geological evolution of our world. And since we are part of our world, and dependent on our world for our life, our well-being, and our future, a tipping point in the evolution of our world is a turning point in our human journey.

from Where We Are

I thought if I was going to write a book I should begin with the one page first. My first five books are one-page books. They are the foundation of ideas for my sixth book.

Creating the Story is my contribution to the idea of creating a new world to create a better future for our world. Creating the Story is my observations, my stories, my ideas, my point of view and what I think we can do to become more successful in creating our story as individuals, as communities, and as a community.

My interest is to excite new insights, new ideas, new imagination, new inspiration, new interest, and new initiative around ideas and opportunities for creative community enterprise which contribute to our common human interests.


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