Ideas for Leadership Vancouver

We need to accelerate our rate of changing what we do and how we do things. This will require good leaders and better leadership practices.

We need to invest in leaders and encourage, nurture and assist them in becoming better leaders.

We need to collaborate as leaders around our common interest in learning how to improve our leadership practices.

We need to engage the interest and increase the ability of our leaders to better serve our common interests.

I think Leadership Vancouver could serve our common interests and become one of the highest return and most leveraged investments we can make to develop our most valuable resources, to realize the full creative potential of our collective enterprise, and to improve the quality of life in our community.

Leaders are interested in becoming more successful leaders. Leaders like to learn from other leaders. Leaders help others become good leaders. Leaders need other leaders in order to be successful. Our community benefits from more leaders. Our community can excel with more good leaders.

I think Leadership Vancouver can realize its full potential by showing how to do it and demonstrating how it works. I think Leadership Vancouver can become a leadership enterprise.

I think Leadership Vancouver can become known as the leadership enterprise in encouraging and contributing to successful leadership practices.

I think Leadership Vancouver can contribute significantly to creating a better future for our community.

Our Story

I think the first step toward realizing the possibilities is to create and tell our story.

Our story should give all our audiences the ability to easily understand who we are, what we do and how what we do relates to their interests.

Our audiences include:

  • people who could benefit from participating in our leadership programs;
  • business, community and public enterprises who could benefit by having members of their organizations participate in our leadership programs,
  • corporate partners who could benefit by demonstrating
    their interest and commitment to developing our leadership capabilities in our community by promoting Leadership Vancouver and sponsoring Leadership Vancouver programs and program participants, and
  • community enterprises that benefit from the contributions made by Leadership Vancouver programs, program participants and program graduates.

Our story, told in different levels of detail, communicates whose interests we serve, what interests we serve, how we serve those interests, our interests as an enterprise, and what we like to be known for. It allows everyone to see how their interests might be served by becoming engaged with our enterprise and how they might participate or contribute.

Our Brand

Our brand is what we come to be known for.

Our story guides our enterprise in what we say and do and how we say and do things. This is how we communicate. This is how we demonstrate who we like to be and our interests as an enterprise.

This is how we support and reinforce what we like to be known for. This is how we build our brand.

Why a Statement of Interests Works

Mission and vision statements are often lofty, unachievable, and difficult to relate to what we actually do on a day-to-day basis. A statement of interests allows us to observe daily on what we are doing and how well it is working and keeps us actively and creatively thinking about what we might do or do differently to make a greater contribution to our interests.

A statement of interests that is transparent and easy to understand improves our ability to more actively engage everyone in making our enterprise more successful.

A statement of interests engages people in our enterprise in the same way good leaders engage others in an enterprise. It encourages and assists them to find ways to improve our ability to become more successful in pursuing our interests as an enterprise, to find ways to increase their contribution and personal value to the enterprise, and to pursue excellence in performance.

Articulating our story and our statement of interests is a simple, dynamic, organic, and exciting way of providing and creating more leadership.

Creating Our Story

A good leader asks. “What do we really care about?” “Whose interests are we serving?” “What interests are we serving?” “How are we serving these interests?” “How could we better serve these interests?”

As an enterprise we might ask the same questions. Whose interests do we serve? What interests do we serve? How do we serve these interests? What do we do and how do we do it? What makes what we do work? Why is what we do important? How can people do business with us? Why do business with us?

Elements of our Story

We invest in leaders. Leaders are our most valuable resource. Leaders will always be in high demand. Leaders create enterprise. Leaders create a healthier community.

Leadership Vancouver programs engage participants in ideas about leadership practices that work and provide experiences where these ideas and practices can be applied in community action projects. These projects advance the interests and improve the ability of the community service organizations we work with to become more successful in their enterprise.

Leadership Vancouver gives participants the opportunity to make connections and create lasting relationships with other leading members of our community.

Leadership Vancouver gives participants the ability to make a contribution to our community and create a highly leveraged legacy in a learning experience and environment.

Leaders get us to where we want to go. Leaders encourage, inspire and assist others in taking personal responsibility, exercising personal leadership and pursuing personal excellence.

Leadership is creative. Leaders create collaboration around ideas. Leaders create and act on ideas that work.

We engage our graduates in exploring ideas that could improve our ability to assist others in improving their leadership practices and to interest and engage more people in developing their leadership capabilities.

Our interest is to attract people interested in collaborating around the ideas of leadership and the practices of good leaders to create a growing and ongoing forum for discussion about ideas and practices of good leadership.

Our interest is to engage people who understand the value of leadership to collaborate around ideas and practices of leadership that work.

Our interest is to increase public understanding and appreciation of the value of good leadership practices to ourselves, to the interests of the enterprises we serve and to our community.

Our interest is to create an ongoing public discussion around leadership practices that work, around ideas about good leadership practices and around ideas about what can be done to attract and encourage more people to exercise personal leadership in their own interests, in the interests of the people they serve, and in our common interests as a community.

Our interest is to attract and engage corporate partners that want to demonstrate their commitment to building our leadership resources and the leadership capabilities of our business and community enterprises.

Our interest is to assist our leaders in becoming more successful and to engage them in demonstrating the value and contribution of good leadership practices.

People who exercise personal leadership create successful enterprise and healthier communities. Good leaders inspire more good leaders. Inspiring and helping others become good leaders improves the quality of life in our community.

Investing in leadership is a highly leveraged, high return investment.

Leaders are the custodians of the interests of others. Good leaders are the custodians of our common interests.

We encourage graduates of our program and provide them with opportunities to tell their stories, talk about their successes and their learning experiences, and describe what they are doing and how they are contributing to our community to inspire others and to let them know how Leadership Vancouver and learning good leadership practices could benefit them.

Qualities of Our Story

Our story is clear enough for our audiences to understand why good leadership practices work in our personal and common interests and excites them to become involved.

Our story tells why good leaders are important and why Leadership Vancouver is important. It engages people in the idea that everyone can become a good leader. It increases interest in becoming a good leader.

Our story invites leaders in our community to contribute ideas on how we could improve what we do and how we do things and increase our ability to contribute more to our common interests as a community.

Leadership Vancouver

What we like to be known for

  • Investing in Leaders
  • Creating Community Enterprise
  • Creating Community

Ideas for Leadership Vancouver
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