Exploring the Idea of Leadership

Why leadership

  • We need to accelerate our rate of changing what we do and how we do things. This will require good leaders and better leadership practices.
  • We need to invest in leaders and encourage, nurture and assist them in becoming better leaders.
  • We need to collaborate as leaders around our common interest in learning how to improve our leadership practices.
  • We need to engage the interest and increase the ability of our leaders to better serve our common interests.

Why explore the idea of leadership

The ideas that define how we see things, are the ideas that lead our behaviour and guide our choices. The ideas that define how we see things could be, are the ideas that can lead the behavior and guide the choices of others.

My ideas about leadership

In January 2004 I participated in a panel discussion at the invitation of David Holtzman, the Executive Director of Leadership Vancouver to open the 2004 Leadership Forum for Leaders of Tomorrow, – Lead the Way, Shape the Future.

Shortly after that, in March 2004, I made a proposal to David because I believed Leadership Vancouver could play a much more significant role in contributing to creating a better future for Vancouver.

I was subsequently invited to lead a day long retreat with the 2004 Leadership Vancouver participants to explore the idea of creating the Leadership Vancouver Story. The story was presented for discussion to the Board of Directors of Leadership Vancouver shortly after. These are my ideas about leadership.

Leaders of Tomorrow
Ideas for Leadership Vancouver
Leadership Vancouver Retreat
Leadership Vancouver Story

In the spring of 2006, I was invited to participate in and give an introductory talk to The Power Game, a Leadership Vancouver one day role playing game in which participants explored how community leaders could influence the ideas and decisions of elected government leaders. This was the introduction I prepared as my contribution to playing The Power Game.

Power and Leadership

My ideas today

Our leaders of tomorrow are creative leaders. Our leaders of tomorrow are leaders of communities without borders. Our leaders of tomorrow are the custodians of the interests of the communities contributing to our common human interests and our common human enterprise.

Our leaders of tomorrow see we are all equal, see we are all different, and see that our differences are how we learn from one another, how we create with one another, and how we create possibilities for our evolution and our future as a community.

Our leaders of tomorrow are the custodians of the stories we are creating, the stories we are creating connections with, exciting creative connections with, and exciting creative community enterprise around.

Our leaders of tomorrow need no approval to excite creative contribution, creative enterprise, and creative entrepreneurship to create the possibilities we imagine for ourselves, for one another, and for our community without borders.

Our leaders of tomorrow are creative leaders exciting creative leadership, creative entrepreneurship, and creative contribution to creating a better tomorrow for our world.

Centre for Creative Leadership