Creating community

What creates community

Common interests. Common ideas. Common experiences. Common enterprise. A language of community. A culture of community. Operating beyond integrity. A communication system

Why create community

To create common enterprise. To increase the contribution of our community resources. To reduce loss, failure, and harm. To reduce conflict and risk. To improve our quality of life as individuals and as a community. To feel connected. To increase our ability to create possibilities for ourselves. To accelerate our creative and cultural evolution as a community. To excite creative community enterprise.

Our quantum enterprise

Our nature, our interests, our enterprise. To create quantum change to move from the world we are contributing to creating now to creating a new world that increase our possibilities of creating a future for our world.

Quantum media

Community media contributing to our quantum community interests and our creative community enterprise.

Our creative arts

The language of music, dance, story, and creative expression are the languages we create connections with. Connections with the creative experience and with the creative imagination, creative energy, and creative expression we excite. Our creative arts are how we communicate and create connections with the experiences, the imaginings, and the ideas we have in common.

Our creative journey

Our creative journey doesn’t end at an arrival point. Our creative journey contributes to creating endless possibilities that are beyond our imagination. Our creative journey isn’t focused on our point of arrival. It is focused on our point of departure and our imagination of what we could do to create connections to improve our ability to create possibilities.

We are hurtling into our future. We are creating our future. We could create possibilities for our future and the future of our world by accelerating our creative and cultural evolution as a community. We can accelerate our ability to create possibilities by accelerating our ability to create connections. Our quantum enterprise.

Creating possibilities

What we could do is explore the idea of our creative journey, the nature of our creative journey, and our understanding of the art of creative enterprise and the opportunities we have to change the way we see and do things to create a better environment for our future and a better future for our environment.

What we could do is use our universal language of our arts and our ability to create connections with our creative expression to excite creative conversation around the idea of the creative journey, excite our imagination about possibilities we could create, and excite creative contribution and creative community enterprise around what we could do.