About My Point of View

All I have is my experience of the world

My point of view is my observation on how we are, where we are, and what we can do to connect the dots for one another and with one another. If my ideas about how things work, and how we work, and what works are ideas we have in common, they are ideas we can create with as a community.

These are quantum ideas in creating possibilities for our future, as individuals, as communities, and as a community, in accelerating our ability to create connections, and in accelerating our creative and cultural evolution as a community.

Accelerating our ability to create connections with ideas we have in common, and interests we have in common, and enterprise we have in common around our common interests as communities, and as a community is how we accelerate our ability to create possibilities for the future of our world and create a new world for our future.

We can accelerate our ability to create connections by creating agreement on ideas, systems, and ways of doing things that make deliberative democracy and creative community enterprise possible. We find agreement on ideas and interests and experiences we have in common through creative conversation. We create connections with our stories, our knowledge, our ideas, our observations, and the opportunities we are creating as an enterprise. We excite new insights, new ideas, new imagination, new inspiration, and new creative enterprise with creative connections.



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Imagining the possibilities
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Theatre of a new world
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My point of view of view is created by my ideas about how things are, how things could be, and what we can do to create possibilities for ourselves, as individuals, as communities of common enterprise, and as a community.

My point of view is how I see and think and feel about our world. How I imagine our world to be, how I imagine things work, how I imagine our world could be, and how I imagine things could work.

My observations on where we are now, where we are going, where we could go, and what we could do come from my experience of our world.

My point of view are the dots I see through which I see our world and how I see the dots connect and how I see we could connect the dots to create a new world and new possibilities for the future of our world.

I imagine we could organize ourselves in communities of common enterprise around our common human interests.

I imagine we could learn how to create community around opportunities for creative community enterprise.

I imagine we could make Vancouver, British Columbia, and Canada the community media centre for the world, – exciting creative community enterprise, creating an environment for our future, and creating communities without borders.

I imagine we could focus our creative energy and creative resources on connecting and increasing the size and contribution of our communities of creative enterprise, our keystone communities, so we can focus our attention on our keystone species, our keystone consumers and our keystone interests.

I call our creative community the I CARE community, the community of people and enterprises that are informed, concerned, active, resourced, and enlightened. Our common interests are to become more informed, more connected, more able, more resourceful, and more enterprising. Our common enterprise could be imagining, creating connections, animating our creative opportunities, resourcing our community, and exciting interest in opportunities for creative community enterprise around our common human interests.

We are the community of people and enterprises who care about and are contributing to our common human interests, and to our creative and cultural evolution and our evolution as a community

We are contributing to creating a new world to create a future for our world. Creating an environment for our future to create a future for our environment and a future for our world.

My point of view is that we create our experience and our experience creates us. My point of view is that we create with our experience. Our biological evolution comes from a natural process of natural selection in changing circumstances. Our creative and cultural evolution comes from a conscious process of learning from conscious observation, exploration, and consideration of our experience and what we choose to do and how we choose to do things in changing circumstances

My ideas are my contribution to our common interest in the art of creating possibilities.

My stories create context for my point of view.

My point of view creates context for my ideas.

We all care about our future and our future of the world. Our community are the people and enterprises who are contributing to creating possibilities and who are interested in increasing our contribution.

My observations are how I connect the dots. My observations on what works and what doesn’t work. And what contributes to and what militates against our ability to create possibilities for ourselves and our ability to create community and common enterprise around our common human interests.

We create our story and our story creates us. We are all contributing to creating the story of our world. I am contributing to imagining how we create a story that contributes to creating a new world and to creating a future for our world.

I am putting dots out there and connecting them or letting them create connections like a pointillist. Every story has a different point of view and we see different stories from our point of view. The dots are media. Ideas, stories, information, observations, and opportunities as I see things. And media as others see things that contribute to creating the story I see and the possibilities I imagine. They will continue to contribute to my creative evolution and my creative enterprise and my creative experience.

Social responsibility and community behaviour are driven by the same ideas and interests. Do no harm and make a contribution. Operating with integrity and operating beyond integrity. Operating with integrity is being who we say we are and doing what we say we do. When we operate with integrity our story is the same for everyone. Operating beyond integrity is doing no harm and making a contribution to our community. Community behavior.

Because everything is connected there is always a huge web of causalities so we can only work with probabilities. Our probability is that community behaviour, – behaviour that is respectful, appreciative, considerate, open, honest, fair, and contributive, – contributes to our ability to create relationships, community, and creative community enterprise.

Focusing our attention, – our creative exploration, our creative ideas, and our creative resources on our creative interests is creative enterprise. Focusing our attention as a community on ideas and opportunities that contribute to our common interests is creative community enterprise.

I am contributing the dots that contribute to creating my point of view as monologues, stories, ideas, and ideas and opportunities.

My monologues are contributed to create a connection, a reaction, and a response, – to excite insights, ideas, and imagination – to excite a conversation to explore connections and possibilities, – and to excite interest in opportunities for creative contribution and creative community enterprise.

Creative enterprise

Creative exploration is creative enterprise. Creative enterprise is self-sustaining enterprise. Creative enterprise is sustainable enterprise.

This is my creative experience.

This is my broadcasting centre giving me the ability to contribute my point of view, to connect my point of view to the fabric of our world, and to create a few connections for my world.

This is my social media centre where I can let people into my world, – and who I am, – and what I care about. And where I can contribute to the conversations that are taking us forward into our uncertain future with our social media, – our word of mouth.

This is my place in our theatre of the new world where I can contribute how I see and think about things and my ideas about how things are, and how things work, and what works, and what could work, – from my point of view.

This is my book of stories of my experiences, of what I experienced, and of what I learned from my experiences that contributed to my point of view

This is my stage for the reality show I am living and creating in our theatre of the new world. This where I am creating my story, and contributing to the story we are creating and the story I imagine we could create. This is where I create connections that contribute to creating my story in the real world.

This is my story of how I got here, of where I am now, of what I am doing, of where I am going, and of what I imagine could happen, – from my point of view.

This is my journal of my creative journey, – in real time, – in real life, – in my experience, – from my point of view.

This is my creative writing practice. This is where I explore different ways of expressing myself to find the honesty of my experience, to enjoy the creative experience, and to increase my contribution to the experience of the people I care about, – the people who care, – the people I care for.

This is my creative interest

My creative writing interest is to

to create connections that contribute to the interests of communities and enterprise who are contributing to our common human interests and to creative possibilities for the future of our world.

to tell stories in the way I understand the story and why I think the story is important and how the story connects with our creative interests and , – from my point of view, and,

to excite creative connections that excite new insights, new ideas, new imagination, new inspiration, new initiative, new investment, and new enterprise in our creative community

I am creating connections with the media, – the stories, experiences, information, observations, ideas, and opportunities, – that I think contributes to ideas and opportunities I see for creative community enterprise, – from my point of view.

I am writing from my point of view, which I acquired from others and learned with my experience, and how I see my ideas and the ideas of others could contribute to our creative interests, – my creative interests and the creative interests of the communities I am creating connections for

Thinking is creative. Writing is my creative process. I do not want to lose any connections, any media, any information, ideas, or stories that could be important, or miss connections I do not see at first. These are the dots I am collecting, and exploring, and creating connections with. These are the dots I am creating the story with.

We may not be able to see how the dots are going to connect in the future, as Steve Jobs has observed, but we are able to connect the dots we can see. Connecting the dots is how we create our story

This is my beat, – creating connections.

I am creating the story as I create connections.

This is the story I am creating

Explore ways to increase our contribution with our resources, our abilities, and our connections and relationships

Community enterprise

Community enterprise is contributing to one another’s ability to contribute and to create possibilities for everyone to contribute. Open with one another, honest with one another, fair with one another, and contributing to creating community being appreciative, respectful, and considerate of who we are and where we are and what our interests are and what ideas we are pursuing.

Creating community

An idea that contributes to an interest creates an opportunity. An idea that attracts interest, excitement, and investment creates an enterprise.

We follow ideas we believe in until a new ideas arrive that change the way we see, feel, and think about things and what we choose to do and how we choose to do things. My point of view is the foundation of ideas I am going forward with on my creative journey. My point of view will evolve.

My point of view on the creative process that underlies our creative evolution – the science of probabilities and the art of possibilities – and the contribution of exploring the creative journey, how we negotiate and negotiate with our creative experience

Our creative evolution

If we accelerate our ability to create connections

Our well-being is the experience of life we are pursuing. Our well-being resides in creating with our experience. Our well being resides in our creative experience

Creating community media

Community media is media that contributes to creating community. A community media system creates connections between community media.

Our community media system is independent, self-sustaining, and accessible. Simple, structured, elegant, accountable. Our brand and our culture

Our creative community

We are all equal. Just different. Which makes us all equally able to contribute though our contributions are different. Our roles in our creative community are different to how we see our roles in our enterprise. Different roles, and different interests, and different ideas, and different points of view, and different contributions. Different contributions to the common interests and common enterprise of the creative communities we are part of.

No longer competing with each other but competing with the problem and our ability to contribute to the problem that is militating against our creative journey and our possibilities of creating a new world for our future and a future for our world. or more particularly competing around the opportunity to make a creative contribution to the interests and evolution of our communities of common interest and common enterprise.

The science of probabilities is the foundation for the art of possibilities

Creating connections

looking for patterns, and connections, and analogies
looking for the simplicity of interests, needs, feelings, and ideas about how things are we have in common

Science is creative. Ideas in science change as new information, new insights, new ideas, and new events present themselves. Science changes. Science creates. Science contributes to our creative evolution.

Art is creative. Art contributes to changing the way we see, feel, and think about things and contributes to our creative and our cultural evolution and our ability to feel and create community with one another around our common experience, our common human interests, and our common ideas about how things could be.

My point of view is scattered around the communities of creative possibilities, dots in the creative community media system I imagine we could create as a creative community enterprise.

My point of view is summarized in my books.

Create with our experience. Creating with our experience is how we evolve. We increase our feeling of well being when we are involved in the creative experience. Our creative journey is the pursuit of our creative interests and our creative and cultural evolution to our appreciation of our experience of life and our ability to contribute to creating our experience.

We cannot change our story but we can change the story we are creating.

My point of view

Blueprint for the future
Leaders of tomorrow
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Spirit of our common wealth
We are different but we have common interests
Connecting our communities
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Canada as the creative music centre of the world
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My ideas
My ideas are in the language of the time and in the context of the opportunities I was observing on.
My stories
My observations