My point of view

My point of view is how I see, think, and feel about my experience of the world. My point of view is what I feel, and see, and think we can do with our different points of view, our different cultures, our different creative experiences, our different ideas, our different creative abilities, our different creative interests, and our different creative contributions.

What I feel is that we, most human beings, have a caring appreciation for our world and for those who contribute to our experience of our world, – to our experience of connectedness, to our experience of community, and to our experience of caring, – our creative experience.

What I think we can do, as those of us who care, is to explore how we can create community around our common human interests, – the interests we have in common as individuals, as communities, and as a community, – in creating a better future for ourselves, for one another, and for our world. What I think we can do is excite creative community enterprise around our common creative interests so we can care better for one another, care better for our community, and care better for the future of our world.

What I am doing is contributing my observations, my ideas, my stories, my experiences, and my point of view on what I see and think we can do as creative communities.

What I am doing is imagining what we can do to improve our ability to create connections with and for one another around our common creative interests and explore what we can do and how we can do things to make creative conversation, deliberative democracy, and creative community enterprise possible around our overarching common human interests, – increasing our knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of our world; protecting, preserving, and increasing the contribution of our natural, created, and human resources; and improving our ability to create possibilities for our future and the future of our world as a community.

This is my story. This is a story about what I am doing, what I imagine we can do, and what I imagine could happen. This is a creative hypothesis. This is a creative story. This is a story I imagine we can create.

Quantum ideas is a creative story which begins and could end with a monologue. This creative story is an imagination of how we could create a community media system to excite creative community enterprise, to make better use of our resources, and to increase our contribution to creating possibilities for our future and for the future of the world that sustains and contributes to creating our experience of life.
from Why the Monologue

This is a creative installation in our theatre of the new world, – the world of digital media. This is theatre for a new world.

About My Point of View