Downtown Eastside Centre for the Arts

Why I got involved
How I contributed to creating the enterprise
Financed, designed, created, and operated the communication centre.
Created, edited, published, and distributed communications over the internet.
Wrote the stories for the communication centre
Initiated meetings, identified opportunities, and contributed ideas
Invited myself to meetings of the Board
What I contributed to our enterprise
Recorded the history and the changes to history as the enterprise develops
Created response
Created community
Created the most important resource and most highly leveraged investment for creative enterprise and for creating community around enterprise
Contributed to creating possibilities
Contributed to ideas on opportunities
Created the resource to create possibilities

What our communications say about who we are and what we contribute is how people come to know us. What we do and how we do things is what we come to be known for.

Our choices

Removal from the portfolio

Our process
Community contributors and creative partners have a place at the table as creative partners. Creative partners contribute their story, their interests, and their point of view.

Our process is
to explore the interests, ideas, stories, and opportunities created for the community by community contributors
to create connections, conversation, relationships, and creative enterprise around interests we have in common and around the resources, relationships and contributions of our community, – to the well-being of our own community and to contribute tpo the well-being of other communities.

What is the next part of the story

Bah Humbug
SFU Woodwards Cultural Program
Arts and Social Change

Assembly of First Nations Story

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