Creating Connections for Culture Days

The Culture Days Story

Culture Days is a three day annual celebration of the arts, culture, and creative contribution of communities across Canada. Culture Days 2011 takes place on September 30th, October 1st, and October 2nd.

Culture Days creates free opportunities for people to experience and actively participate in the arts and culture of their community and to explore behind the scenes experiences to learn more about the arts of creating.

This country wide community celebration gives community leaders and creative contributors the opportunity to create connections, experiences, and relationships and to increase understanding and appreciation for the contribution of our cultural and creative resources to our communities, our country, and the quality of our lives.

Culture Days is being launched this year from British Columbia with the CBC broadcasting the opening in celebration of their 75th year of contributing to Canadian culture
About Culture Days

The Best Buy Story

Best Buy, Canada’s fastest-growing specialty retailer and e-tailer of consumer electronics, personal computers, and entertainment software, offers consumers a unique shopping experience with the latest technology and entertainment products, at the right price, with a no-pressure, non-commissioned sales environment.

Best Buy, which also operates the Geek Squad, a 24 hour computer support task force, is committed to kids and communities, supporting non-profit organizations through Best Buy for Kids that help youth develop their skill set, discover their talents and sustain a lasting interest in education.

Best Buy Canada is based in Burnaby, British Columbia
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The idea

The British Columbia Culture Days Task Force was thinking about offering a chance to win an iPad as an incentive to encourage people to contribute to a survey about their Culture Days experience. I was asked if I knew someone who might be interested in contributing an Ipad for the draw.

I saw this as an opportunity for an electronic retailer to make a much greater contribution by creating connections for the Culture Days community.

Why Best Buy

Media today is the internet, – particularly for youth. Connections and community are created online. Mainstream and community media will tell Culture Days stories but the connections people will make during and after Culture Days will be online. Best Buy products contribute to creating online communications and online communities. Best Buy has a large online community. People know the Best Buy wordmark.

Best Buy has the opportunity to demonstrate how creating connections with technology makes it possible to create connections with culture across Canada and around the world.

National partnership relationships for Culture days are in place for this year. There is however an opportunity to create a relationship with Culture Days British Columbia around this idea of creating connections for the Culture Days community.

Creating connections to inform and excite interest about Culture Days in British Columbia communities would be highly appreciated by the artists, arts contributors, and people who are organizing and creating Culture Days events in their communities.

Creating connections for Culture Days creates connections for Best Buy

Creating connections for Culture Days

Best Buy will have their own interests and ideas about how they might want to create connections for Culture Days. These are a few possible opportunities and stories.

Contribute an iPad to encourage people to contribute their story about their Culture Days experience in British Columbia
Story: In appreciation for your contribution to Culture Days British Columbia, Culture Days will enter your name in a draw for an iPad contributed by Best Buy Canada

Contribute a Best Buy gift card for every Culture Days story contributor
Story: In appreciation for your contribution to Culture Days British Columbia, Best Buy will email you a gift card for – a dollar amount – redeemable on the purchase of an iPad or merchandise of comparable value from Best Buy. There would be no rules needed for contributing a point of view or story about Culture Days as there might be for contributing a referral.

Create connections for Culture Days using Best Buy media
Stories: Contribute your Culture Days story for a chance to win an iPod. Culture Days is a best buy opportunity, – free opportunities to explore and experience the arts and culture of our communities. Culture Days is a Best Buy for Kids. Explore Culture Days, publish your Culture Days stories online with your Ipad, and contribute to the Culture Days conversation.

Culture days could be a best buy opportunity for Best Buy

Best Buy may not be able to respond to all the opportunities to create connections for and with Culture Days this year but could be interested in exploring a more creative relationship with the arts community in British Columbia and with Culture Days in 2012.

The leadership opportunity is to demonstrate how we can create relationships between the communities who create connections with technology and the communities who create connections with culture.

There are many possibilities Best Buy could explore to demonstrate the contribution and benefits of creating bridges between business and the arts in our communities and build on the connections Best Buy is already creating.

Creating connections through the Best Buy Learning Centre
What to consider when buying a guitar?
Choosing the perfect keyboard or digital piano
Creating connections through a Best Buy Creative Community Forum
Creating connections for Best Buy for Kids communities

What next

The British Columbia Culture Days Task Force is chaired by Lucille Pacey, Executive Director of Arts Umbrella. The producer of Culture Days British Columbia is Amir Ali Alibhai, Executive Director of the Alliance of Arts and Culture.

If you are interested in contributing an iPad or in exploring other creative possibilities with Culture Days British Columbia email Lucille Pacey or Amir Ali Alibhai

If you have any questions about these ideas you would like to explore email Roger Chilton I will be happy to have a conversation with you.

The Culture Days Community in Conversation

Kirstine Stewart, Executive Vice-President of CBC English Television
Culture days is a great opportunity for us to connect and engage with communities. It is great because it reaches all ages, particularly youth and kids.

Marc Mayer, Director and CEO of the National Gallery of Canada
We connect people with art and let the art do the work

Piers Handling, Director and CEO of the Toronto International Film Festival
Culture Days is a good way to create awareness for the arts. We can play a leadership role for other festivals and arts organizations by involving ourselves in an event like this.

Antoni Cimolino, General Director of the Stratford Shakespeare Festival
Chair, Culture Days National Steering Committee

The real magic during Culture Days in Stratford last year was when we got to together to plan how we could engage the community. It was a huge celebration of the arts, the artists, and the community.

Culture Days in Conversation

The Best Buy Opportunity
A creative relationship with Culture Days British Columbia and the opportunity to create community for Best Buy