Where we are now


We are in the anthropocene era. That is an observation. The question is how do we want to end the anthropocene era. That is a creative enterprise.

And the possibility of creating a new world. That is an imagination.

Where We Are

We create with our experience

We can watch or observe. We can react or explore. We can withdraw or participate. We can draw or contribute. We have the choice about what experience we want to create and what experience we like to create and what experience we like.

We have no control over what is going to happen or where the story might go so we might be well advised to feel free in the flow and enjoy the creative experience and go where our observations, our exploration, our experience, our participation, our contribution, and our feelings take us.

Life is a creative experience

Creating our experience

Where can we have a fair conversation about a fair elections act? What common interests does the Fair Elections Act contribute to ? What common interests does it militate against? What communities of interest benefit unfairly? What communities of interest does it unfairly cost? What concerns does the Act address? What concerns does it create?

Centre for Democracy

Our media creates us

If media doesn’t connect with our interests we are not interested. If media isn’t interesting we are not interested. If we don’t have an experience, we are not interested. If media doesn’t contribute to our interests we are not interested. If media doesn’t excite our imagination or our ideas we are not interested. If there is nothing we can do we will do nothing. If there is something we could do that would contribute to our interests, our experience, and our enterprise, we could do something if we have the the resources, and the freedom, and the care. If media connects some dots for us we are interested.

Who would like to contribute dots, to connect the dots, to contribute to creating dots, to create connections for their enterprise, and to create possibilities for our community?

We create with our media

We are creating a new vocabulary in our online culture. We might want to create a vocabulary for creating a new world in our theatre of the new world.

Human beings are able to communicate their thoughts and their feelings in many different ways. If I have the ability I can paint them, draw them, sculpt them, dance them, compose them into a symphony or a ballet or a piece of jazz, and express myself in all the ways that are called ‘arts and crafts’. Each does something none of the others do. And the word language has been used in relation to all of them. People talk about ‘the language of painting’, ‘the language of music’, and so on.

But there is a fundamental difference between all these art forms and ‘language’ in the sense of this book. When we see a painting or a dance, or listen to a piece of music, we don’t need language to enjoy what we see and hear. But if we want to describe what it is that we’ve seen and heard, or give it a name, or discuss it with others, then we do need language. Language allows us to talk about our experience of the world in a way that no other means of communication can. That’s why it is so special.
from A Little Book of Language
David Crystal

We choose all the words from a list – The Generic Brand – Film

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